IFB Project Roundup #95: Show Us Your Stripes

Wow, we had SO MANY submissions this week for Show Us Your Stripes! It was such a treat to go through them and to see how everyone wore their stripes. I really had no idea that it was a trend that resonated so deeply with you all! That's good to know when getting my summer wardrobe together.

There were many wonderful entries, some of them did not follow the instructions completely, which I've posted some on the Pinterest board, but for the most part due to the number of submissions, it was hard to get them all up. (I can't really get out of focus, or heavily pixleated images on the boards… will have to write a how-to post for that!) But generally, everyone looked AMAZING!

So without much further ado! Here is the roundup.

IFB Project Roundup #95:

Shubhi's Revels


100% Nerd


Birds of a Thread


Sorell in Style


Knocked Up Fabulousknockedupfab

Flysongbird (love the creativity here!)flysong bird

Modern Garconne



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11 Responses

  1. Linda H

    That fourth one is absolutely amazing! But love all the outfits, now I want some more stripe clothes too! 🙂 xxx


  2. Daniela

    Amazing pictures and blogs..
    I love birds of a thread 🙂

    thank you for all the good post´s you bring up.. keep bringing more I can´t wait to read more…

    xoxo, Daniela


  3. Jacqui

    So many great post this week. All of these breezy, nautical looks are making me want to ditch the sweater and get some sunshine!

    Birds of a Thread

  4. Catching Flight

    I’ve been seeing stripes everywhere! I totally need to incorporate some striped pieces into my wardrobe but it’s surprisingly difficult to find the perfect black and white striped top.

  5. debiparna chakraborty

    oh my i didn’t know till now i got selected! 😀 😀 :D!!!