Daily Inspiration: Holding onto anger…


This is one of my favorite quotes. Originally I had come across it reading Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking. For the longest time I thought she said it. Alas, it was not Princess Leia who coined this proverb, but Buddha.

The reason why I love this quote is, well, there is a lot of anger on the internet. We all hold anger in on some level without giving thought to how it affects us on our innermost levels. Resenting other bloggers for being more successful, PRs for sending irrelevant pitches, some blogger who wrote an offensive post, what does that really accomplish? Does it feel better to be angry? Anger rarely changes other people, because they have their own reasons for acting. So it's really up to us to let it go.

Whether it be in real life or online, when anger comes up, stop and think about if it's worth it to hang onto because it can turn into poison.

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2 Responses

  1. Rose

    This right here is what I needed to hear – even when you have the ‘right’ to be angry we gotta let it go. And i’m not preaching to anyone, this one here is speaking to me directly!

    Thank you x