[POLL] Yahoo Buys Tumblr: Freak Out or Geek Out?

Shoe Kitten Tumblr

Do you use Tumblr?

Unless you're hiding underneath a rock, you have already heard about Yahoo purchasing Tumblr for 1.1 Billion dollars. I can't read that without thinking of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers saying “One Beeeeelllloin Dollars.”  Of course, with Facebook purchasing Instagram last year we're no strangers to internet giants acquiring smaller hipper internet sensations.

Tumblr has been positioning itself as the must-use web platform for the fashion industry. They've even done some significant outreach to fashion bloggers for NYFW.  Many of IFB Members either host their sole blog on Tumblr or have a Tumblr on the side. I have even tinkered around with a Tumblr called Shoe Kitten, and desperately need to get back to it.

That said, Yahoo has purchased websites like del.icio.us and Flickr, which at one time were essential tools for fashion bloggers. Do we still use them? Eh. Flickr was amazing for getting The Coveted off the ground, but they never evolved with the times. It still pretty much operates as it did in 2007 until yesterday's unveiling of their hot new design.

New Flickr

(See how old my Flickr pics are? That's IFBcon 2011's photoshoot!)

Tumblr needed to find a way to monetize to keep running, anyone who had been following the platform knows they've been tinkering around with monetization without significant success.  Yahoo needs to step up their game and cool factor.. heck, they even need to make money too. People are freaking out about ads in Tumblr, and changes (which I'm guessing will have to do more with their “adult” blogs).

But what do you think? As a Tumblr user, are you freaking out about the buy-out or are you geeking out about how exciting the possibilities might be?

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2 Responses

  1. Angel

    I tried using Tumblr for a day to connect with my online friend but never touched it again. Although it’s considered to be “micro-blogging,” I don’t dig it (had to ask older sister how in the world she uses it).

    I do think it’s interesting to find a pretty huge variety of content on there just by clicking around, so I sympathize with users because we all know how these big changes are like, especially with something that’s a big part of your life. Other than that I’m pretty apathetic toward the change since it doesn’t affect me at all. Maybe there should be an “apathetic” option in the poll.