IFB Project #97: Carry Your Clutch

Remember back in the day when it came to bags, the bigger the better? Oh my shoulders hurt just thinking about it. These days, it seems the smaller the better when it comes to bags, and lo and behold clutches are having a heyday once again!

IFB Project #97: Show us your favorite clutches!

This week share your beloved tiny bags by including them in a post, or hey, do a trend post around the clutch!

Submit your post below by May 29th, and be sure to include a link to IFB  in your post (else, they can’t be featured in the roundup).  I will be setting up a new Pinterest board for this project as well!

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  1. Beth Keener

    Be sure to check out #55 “We Don’t Need Another Hero” … A clutch from my premier line! Woohoo! Ahsley Evans of Holy Chic you rock!!!