Daily Inspiration: Choose Your Own Path


Choosing your own path may sound like a truism, but more often than not, we tend to follow along other people's paths for a while. Maybe not forever, but I know from personal experience, that's something that I've done from time to time in the quest to figure things out.

I've been thinking about my path quite a bit, as I head off to maternity leave at the end of this week. What used to work for me a year ago doesn't  fit in with my life for the next coming year. How do you change? How do you adapt?

Take it one step at a time. Take inspiration from others and apply that inspiration in a way that makes sense to you. Walk your own way, because no one has the same life as you, and no one has the same idea of success as you do. So choose your own path, it'll be amazing where you might end up!

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3 Responses

  1. The Science of Happy

    I totally agree, over time – we’re moulded into an ideal and I think that’s a form of brainwashing.

    • CynthiaCM

      This is especially true in fashion – whether it’s blogging, designing or whatnot. In my experience, bloggers who are “all about MEEEEEE” – post a great deal of outfit pictures – or write about what most people are writing about, especially when they’re positive, get much more press and opportunities than those who don’t. I don’t think it has anything to do with being a more physically attractive blogger – I’ve seen bloggers who’re not conventionally pretty (i.e. white, blonde, tall and under 25) who get more opportunities than me. I’m more realistic in my reviews and am not afraid to say that something sucks (I’ll do it nicely, of course). I also criticize designers (again, I’m nice about it) if I believe that their collection won’t flatter anyone who isn’t tall/skinny/model-like.



  2. Jodie

    I love the ‘choose your own path’ picture. Somebody should make that into a T-shirt! (Please do, I want to buy it!) You’re totally right though that our ‘paths’ change with the stages me go through in our lives. I’m still at school and so going through a big identity phase where I need to find my path. Who the hell am I? Don’t worry, I don’t have amnesia I’m just having a bit of an existential crisis 😀