Oversharing: How Much is Too Much Social Media?


When it comes to social media, it’s common to ask ourselves, “How much is too much?

It's no secret that anyone with computer access is spending some chunk of their day on social media. It's an essential piece of the blogging pie. We need it to promote our blogs, meet and grow relationships with brands and other bloggers, find inspiration, and get real-time engagement with our readers.

Some of us are fine with spending all day on social media as part of the job. Others don't want to spend a ton of time checking each site, but want to make sure they're doing what they need to for their blog. Still others want as little to do with social media as possible.

“How much of our private lives should we put out there?” is a variation of the “How much” question. Sometimes we feel the pressure to share more than we're comfortable with, often when we compare ourselves to other bloggers who are more successful and seem to be posting a new tweet, Instagram, FB update, pins and Vines several times a day.

So how can you find your happy medium? In our never-ending search for “work/blog/life balance” (does that even exist?), I wanted to address common statements about oversharing on social media.


“I love blogging, but I don't want to share too much of my private life.”

Love sharing your outfits, but not where you go to school or anything about your family? That's okay. Don't buckle to the pressure of sharing more than you're comfortable with, just because others do. Social media is supposed to be engaging, but that doesn't mean you should lose your sense of self in the process. What you put out there is under your control. Your private life is yours to keep as private as you'd like. Cherish that!

“Social media is too distracting.”

I hear that! I'm embarrassed to tell you how many times I've checked Twitter and Facebook while writing this article. The hard truth is that social media is only as distracting as we let it be, and the solution lies in good ol' time management. Make a plan, and use the tools available to set yourself up for productive greatness. I have a column in my editorial calendar that's a “Social Media Blog Promo Checklist.” Each morning, I make sure to hit all of my social media profiles on my checklist and promote my blog where appropriate. I use HootSuite to schedule more tweets throughout the day. There are also really helpful tools to keep you offline, timing and tracking your activity so you can stay productive.

“I don't want to be on every. single. social media site!”

Every marketer will tell you to promote your blog on every social media site you can, but you might bristle at the thought of having to pin, tweet, Facebook, Instagram and Vine all the time! It’s also common to see the advice, “go where your readers are.” It's good advice, but it puts you right back into that hole of trying to be everywhere at once. My advice here is to pick your favorite(s), and nourish your community there. A strong following on one social media site is much more beneficial for you and your readers than a little of your time spent barely updating each and every site.

“I'm flooding my friends' timelines!”

Moderation and scheduling is everything for the blogger who has a lot of content (and other updates) to share. HootSuite and Buffer offer to schedule tweets that will post at optimal times (like when people are most likely to respond to you.) There are also tools out there that can help you determine when your peak times are for engaging with your readers, plus general times for high activity on social media.


I've offered some advice with each, but welcome your advice in the comments as well!

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8 Responses

  1. brown sugar

    me to i am addicted to social media, facebook+twitter+instagram+keek+blog+youtube= i dont have time my real life lol

  2. Lisa

    I have my favorite sites but spend much of my time learning the tricks of how to maximize each of those sites. On top of that gathering quality pins as well as posts, products and trying to develop some expertise in one or two areas is truly exhausting. While I agree it is better to add quality to one site rather than spreading yourself thin on multiple sites, I have trouble deciding which is the best site out of all that are out there. The life portion of the balance just seems to get pushed to the bottom too frequently.

  3. justine

    I have definitely struggled with being active on social media and also being a private person. It’s funny that most of my friends don’t even know I have a twitter account, and that I update it frequently, willing to share everything I find worth sharing.

    I’ve also struggled trying to create blog content that is personal, but doesn’t betray my personal voice. I’m a writer in life, and my writing style is not geared towards blogging &etc…

    Still, I love sharing with people online, I love blogging and I’m really starting to like my blog content.

    it’s funny because sometimes it still feels like a double life… thanks for this article! I enjoyed reading.

  4. Sarah Harman

    My dilemma? I work in social media, so you would think it would be cool with my employers to be active on my accounts right? Well, not so much…
    Because of this, i find it really difficult to find the time to sit down and work on my social media accounts, especially as I have an active social life and tweeting/status updating/you name it every now and again is really tricky for me to do. I also only use my valuable computer time editing images and working on the next blog post.

    I usually resolve this with social media scheduling, but alas it makes me sounds like a robot and takes away the “right this moment” feeling.

    I guess my solution is to just get back into the habit of updating my social media in the evenings and weekends, maybe putting aside 30 mins focusing on that a day.

    Sarah x

  5. The Mirror On The Wall

    I had no idea that HootSuite and Buffer existed. The problem with our blog is not that we have too little content to do social media, but that we are just not aware of the best timing of when to do it, and how many times to do it without annoying the audience. I will definitely give HootSuite a try to see if it helps!

    Great post 🙂


  6. Elisa B

    Sometimes it’s like you guys on IFB read my mind haha! I was writing a post about how much is too much on social medias and blogs when I saw this post in my RSS reader.
    I’ve just published mine and I’d love a feedback about it! How much is too much and when to stop?
    Thank you for bringing up such interesting topics all the time!