IFB Project #97 Roundup: Carry Your Clutch

Who knew such tiny bags could make an outfit? That's what I found out from browsing through this week's IFB Project: Carry Your Clutch. IFB members shared their favorite clutches, how to use them in their outfits, even a few shared tutorials to make your own, and a couple of coveted clutches. It was really great and really inspiring as we head into the summer months and really all we'll need when we go out is a lipgloss, wallet and smartphone!

So, without much further ado, here is the roundup!

IFB Project #97: Carry Your Clutch:

De Smitten


I'd Absolutely Love Toidabsolutelyloveto


Sarrah Dollysarahdolly


Style to Envystyletoenvy


The Fashion Centsthefashioncents



Want to see more clutches? Check out our Pinterest board!

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