IFB Project #98: What’s Your Summer Style?


Today I'm going to the beach for the first time this year. Yes, it's actually warm enough to hit the Northern California beaches.  It must mean that summer is actually here, right?

Whether you live in the sweltering heat during the summer or in a much milder climate, the warmer months command a much more laid back sensibility. So how to do you dress up when everyone is dressing down? Or have you mastered the art of effortless chic?

IFB Project #98: What's Your Summer Style?

This week, whether it be in outfit post form or a collage, outline your tips for staying stylish when the heat waves strike. Do you suggest minimalism? Clever layering? Statement accessories? However you cope share it in your post!

Instructions: Submit your post below by June 5th, and be sure to include a link to IFB  in your post (else, they can’t be featured in the roundup). And that's it!

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11 Responses

  1. Angel

    I actually went to a Santa Cruz beach just yesterday and the water wasn’t freezing, ice-cold!! I was super excited to just jump into the water until I realized that it was absolutely infested with baby crabs… I’d love to give the project a shot but my blog is down temporarily and I don’t have many photos of myself at the beach anyway (I’m usually always the photographer, never the photographed). Really looking forward to the roundup later!

  2. WeeVoyages

    It would be interesting to participate in such projects 😉

  3. Ais

    I wish it was summer more often here, we’re finally getting warmish weather, though it can turn into dark, gloomy, and cold fast (it just went from sunny afternoon to overcast, rainy, and cold in about 10 minutes).

    Anyway, link submitted.

  4. KD

    I love project #98. I went through almost all the links posted here and enjoyed reading them.