5 Ways TV Can Inspire Your Blogging


The truth is, when I'm not working, I'm watching television.  Even before I'm blogging.  I love a great story, heightened emotions, and a little drama (so long as it stays on the tv and out of my life)!

As I indulged in a weekend binging on season 6 of Gossip Girl and Revenge, I realized that there are some great lessons to take away from how television tells a story.

Use your favorite characters to share lessons:

This is one of my favorite ways to approach blogging: how would X,Y, or Z react to an experience?  What can we learn from them and how can we apply it to our lives?  Some of my favorite posts (and ones my readers responded well to) are What Carrie Bradshaw (& Friends) Taught Me about Aging) and 10 Things Carrie Bradshaw Taught Me About Fashion.

Make your lists modern, AND reflect your personal tastes, with ideas like:

  • What Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne Taught Me About the Past & Revenge (TV Show: Revenge)

  • How Pretty Little Liars Teaches Tweens Lying Isn't the Best Policy

  • 9 Life Lessons from 90210.

How would your favorite characters dress?

My newest site is entirely dedicated to this idea– recreating the looks of your favorite characters on tv.  This is a great way to share inspiration or spin your typical shopping post: focus on your favorite fictional characters.

How would you dress up as them on Halloween? What pieces would you buy your boyfriend so he can recreate Dean Winchester's rugged style? What would you recommend for your best gal pal who loves Zoe Hart's New York chic looks?

Multi-post storytelling:

It's not unusual for each tv season to have stories that spans over multiple episodes. Similarly, your blog can have stories that span over multiple posts.  Don't think that you can't emulate that on your site! You can easily carry on a saga on your site.

Whether it’s a series on finding the best fitting jeans for apple bottoms, the hunt for the perfect nude shoes, or your ongoing affair with internet shopping, topics don’t have to be confined to one post only.

Always look for a spin-off:

As bloggers, we’re always looking for new content, just like television is always looking for new programs.  Frasier was a spin-off from Cheers. Star Trek launched Star Trek: the Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek:Voyager, and Enterprise.

Use your past posts to create new content. Spin-off from an old idea to create a new post or a new series.  Check your analytics to see what’s bringing in traffic and compare it against your most popular posts.  What are your readers responding to? What’s driving traffic to your site?  If you had fun writing that post, keep going and do it more often.

Don't be afraid of a cliffhanger and leave your readers wanting more:

My favorite moments are the season finales, when there’s some romantic, emotional, or physical cliffhanger holding on to me. I sit there cringing and crying in my seat, waiting for the next 6 months to quickly pass so I can get back to my shows.

This isn’t to say wait 6 months between posts, but this is to say you can tease your readers a bit.  Get them as excited as YOU are to share something.  Are you engaged? Pregnant? Sharing your triumphs and tribulations with dating? Don’t be afraid to build some anticipation before sharing.

What do you think– great excuse to “study” and watch your favorite tv show tonight? Have your obsessive tv habits helped your blogging in any way?

[Image Credit: Revenge]

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12 Responses

  1. Rachel

    How are we ignoring style posts here? The most popular post of all time on my blog, and one of the most popular posts, still a couple of years on every month is ‘How To Style Your Hair Like Blair Waldorf’!

  2. Lexi

    Some of my most popular posts have been style posts inspired by TV shows — I’ve done Game of Thrones and Adventure Time inspired outfit collages and they were a huge hit!

  3. Krystal

    I am a pop culture and entertainment junkie! I love doing these types of posts and can’t wait to do more. A popular post on my blog is “What the Walking Dead Can Teach You About Fashion”. I’m doing a few series throughout the summer and can’t really implement this too much right now, but come fall, its going to be super fun.
    I also like the idea of multi post story telling. I think I’m going to try that in the next few weeks. I am having quite an adventurous time of something I’m doing right now. I may share over the course of a few days or weeks.

  4. Amy

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!! Just today I sat down and started thinking about my writing and how I could grow and develop it.. I even considered starting a new and seperate blog to the already existing one where I could explore a bit more with my writing. I also looked into a cretive writing course and tried a new style of writing on my blog.. Allowing myself to be rather vanurable.. So reading this post today , honestly made me smile from ear to ear!! Thank u for sharing!! And inspiring

  5. Juliana Bui

    I watch TV all the time and it’s usually just for pleasure. Thanks to this post (and its intriguing title), I can actually get something out of the time I spend in front of my TV or computer screen, which is amazing. Thank you for sharing!

    – Juliana

  6. Jodie

    I love Revenge! Nobody I know watches it so I was starting to think I was the only one! I love how the costume department put thought into every outfit – Victoria Grayson, for example, is the type of character to put purpose in her dress and her outfits reflect that character. Thanks for the inspiration!