Daily Inspiration: Don’t let yesterday take too much of today


Have you ever just had a bad day? Or a bad experience that you just couldn't let go of?

I know, it's hard to see when you're in it, but it's possible that a new day brings new opportunities. Today is a new day. Yesterday might have sucked (hey, it was a Monday) but today can reveal new gifts and new perspectives. Don't focus so much on what happened yesterday, because you just might miss the wonders of today.

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  1. Nadya Helena

    Well I had a s***ty day the other day where I completely flunked my first internship interview, and thus feeling forever inadequate to ever work in the fields of fashion. After talking to some people and reaffirming myself, I’m ready to get back on the road. Thank you, this post helps me to know I made the right decision forward 🙂

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