Daily Inspiration: Don’t waste time looking for your style…


I spent a lot of time looking for “my style.” I didn't feel like I fit into any particular group, preppy, avant garde, edgy, whatever the flavor of the month was at the time. But then, I realized it didn't matter so much, not as much as discovering what it was that I truly loved and creating my own look around that.

You don't have to abide by rules to have a distinctive style, chances are you already have it, you just can't see it. Just keep creating and experimenting and soon enough you'll be able to tell what your style personality is.

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  1. carly tati

    Love this post. Occasionally, I post street style on my blog. The subject is always receptive to having their photo taken, but usually they are very surprised. Who, me??? I often hear. They look great, but have no idea! I hope that whatever a persons personal style is, they will celebrate it! I’ve realized my style is usually directly related to what I’m dressing for and is an eclectic mix that can’t often be defined.

  2. Kenneth Jacobs

    I definitely can relate. I don’t fit into one mold of style, but into many facets! That’s what I love about style! We all have our own individual personalities that we’re able to create and display through our style. It’s so inspiring 😀

  3. Jenn Sasaki

    I agree. Trends don’t always work for me…so I just stick with what works for me. Force fitting a trend that doesn’t match a person will usually make them appear to look really uncomfortable.

    Stick to what you feel most comfortable and beautiful in. 🙂