IFB Project #99: Summer School… Post a tutorial

Just because it's the end of the school year, doesn't mean we stop learning! One of the things that I absolutely love about the internet is the access to information. Information that teaches me how to do new things, and things I always wanted to do. I've learned HTML, how to bake a bundt cake, how to hem my jeans without sewing, how to style my hair 1920's style among many other handy things that used to require knowing some kind of MacGuyver type person.

Tutorials are great for establishing a foundation of useful content for your readers. Some bloggers have even made their careers out of posting DIYs on their blogs. But alas, not everything has to be a DIY, above is a video I made to show bloggers how to take their own outfit pics, so there are plenty of other ways to help your readers out by showing them how to do something new.

IFB Project #99: Post a tutorial

This week post a tutorial, it can be a DIY, a makeup tutorial, a how to style type post, anything that shares knowledge of how to get something done with your readers. The top picks will be the most original and fun (extra points if I've never seen how to do it before). So give your tutorial a good think, I'm more than certain you have a few secrets to share!

Instructions: Submit your post below by June 12th, and be sure to include a link to IFB  in your post (else, they can’t be featured in the roundup). And that’s it!


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16 Responses

  1. Amanda Aguirre

    Thanks for this! My question is, how do you not get self-concious about taking photos of yourself in public? I always end up getting super self-concious about that.

    • CL

      If anybody asks or looks I just tell them I’m a photography student and it’s a “dumb project” I have to do as an assignment 😉

  2. Krystal Orr

    I will be trying my hand at DIY/lesson posts later this month. I’m so excited to try it out, and I cant wait to see the response from my readers! Thanks so much, this post is super helpful. I wish I could participate in this roundup, but I’m trying to stick to my timeline. So very tempting!

  3. Krystal Orr

    I am also super stoked that I have the same camera as a professional blogger! lol

  4. Sundal

    Btw, this tutorial was super helpful! Gonna purchase a remote so I can do my own outfit photos as I’ve currently been relying on my sister! Are they only compatible with DSLRs?