Stuck in a Writing Rut? 5 Ways to Shop for Some New Ideas


If only those blessed days of nonstop brilliant wit and sartorial creativity would stick around all the time.When gorgeous look-books are plopped in your inbox and fashion news or new seasonal trends offer themselves up for the taking. And your are enthusiastically on. all. of. it.

Alas, even the most prolific writers stuffer from the inevitability of lackluster days and blog posts that feel anything but inspired. When that day comes, name it for what it is – a crappy, uninspiring, boring impasse in your sure-to-be incredible blogging career – and then snap. out. of. it. Your next post is waiting for you – you just have to discover it.

Get Inside Your Industry

In public relations, one our favorite activities is slipping out of the office for an afternoon at a favorite bookstore, newsstand or library to comb through the fashion magazines for pitch ideas. It's important that we know what editors are writing about, who is on what cover, and who is writing what pieces. It's also a great way to get headline ideas for pitches. Take a “research day” and grab a choco-moco-latte-zoom and spread out for some serious investigation. If you save old magazines, open a bottle of wine and do the same in your living room. Fashion is cyclical and the same stories will appear again and again – learn to anticipate the stories and write about them first – or in a fresh way.

Go Outside Your Industry

Getting inspiration from print media is a great idea, but you don't need to stop with fashion titles. Pick up a health magazine or one about tattoos or photography. Flip through the most random magazines you can find and look for headlines, article organization and feature topics. Consider how you might create something similar from your fashion/style perspective. You just might land on an entirely new idea.

Revamp and Revise Existing Articles

Take a look through your analytics and check out which posts are driving in the most traffic. Choose a few from several months/years ago and rework them so that they connect to a current trend or seasonal theme. Maybe that roundup you did last summer about beach essentials could be reworked specifically to include essentials handpicked by designers you discovered this year. Perhaps you've come around to wedge sneakers and are inspired to create an entire series where you address former outfit photos with your current eye. Point being, you don't always need to start from scratch.

Try Free Writing

When nothing sounds like fun to write about, just write about anything. Type something into google images and choose an image as your inspiration, or choose a line of poetry, or song lyric. It doesn't matter what you choose, just let the words come out. I like to pick up a random book and let my finger land on a line. To make it a bit of a game, time yourself. Give yourself 30, 60 or 90 seconds to just write about your chosen item. You might be surprised with what you come up with and how this type of free form writing lends itself to an entirely different article tone or feeling.

Quiet Your Mind

You have hundreds of amazing post ideas in you, promise. But, when you are stressing or out of sorts about what to write about, all that pressure can actually keep those ideas from coming out. Instead, give your mind a break. Try lying down on the floor for 2 minutes, or a walking meditation around the block. A run out in the sunshine or a shower can do wonders for giving your brain enough space to work out it's next move.

How do you get yourself unstuck?

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11 Responses

  1. Krystal

    I love to ppl watch. I like to go to the foundry area in my city and watch what people are wearing. I like to try and forecast trends based on what i see. You can turn it into an article then come back after a while and write a post about if your prediction came true.
    I also love listening to new music to get my creativity flowing. Nothing gets me out of my box like a new artistic perspective!

  2. justine

    yes, people watching is great!

    i also just go out and take photographs. or stay in and take photographs. eventually, something will come up that I can fit into a post in a unique way.

    of course, when i’m really stuck, i usually just put an audrey hepburn movie on and make pasta. food for thought…

  3. Anastazja Oppenheim

    My solution is always to go out and do stuff. See a film, buy a book or a magazine, visit a gallery, chat to someone interesting, go window shopping and people watching. Because I doubt anyone ever came up with an amazing idea while staring for hours at an empty Word document. At least not me.

  4. Jennifer

    If I’m really in a rut, I go for a long drive. I get my best ideas behind the wheel when I just stop thinking and relax. A half hour or so in to the drive, I can count on at least a few really great ideas to just pop into my head.

  5. Little L

    I’m stuck right now, this post was awesome 🙂
    How’d you read my mind?!

    XOXO Little L

  6. Little L

    Thanks so much for this post,
    Gave me inspiration!

    XOXO Little L

  7. Petya

    This is an amazing post. Thank you so much. I think The Free Writing is a great idea, I can’t wait to try this.

  8. Allison

    I love going to the library or bookstore and getting books from there. I find that I can get much more information on certain subjects by reading books than by scouring the Internet for relavent articles.