Daily Inspiration: Never Get So Busy Making a Living…


I think I needed to see this quote a few years ago. When I got into blogging I dove in deep. Working over twelve hours a day, being glued to the computer screen, working all the time trying to be all things to all people. Then it hit me. Burn out. I was tired, a little bit angry, more like cranky, felt like I was pulled into a bunch of different directions. It basically sucked for a while.

Then it dawned on me, that I was so wrapped up in making a living, that I didn't have a “real life.”  Granted, the sacrifice paid off in some way, but now I've learned that having a life is just as important as making a living, no matter how much you love your job, and no matter how big your dream is.

So this weekend, live your life. Close your computer for a bit, and get outside, spend time with non-internet friends and enjoy the world. You'll come back so much more refreshed!

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  1. Barbara

    Yes this is indeed me. It sure doesn’t help that I also work as a Social Media & Digital Manager for other people as well as proposing to do online PR for someone else *sigh*
    I am definitely going out tomorrow no matter what.