Getting Personal: Why We Need Your Story


In marketing and PR, we listen as our clients talk about the purpose of their company, the inspiration and the particular point-of-view that drives them to create or serve customers. We help them figure out what parts of their story are most compelling, what makes them unique, and then we help them communicate that story to the media. Understanding brand voice, value, and what makes each company different allows us to craft compelling content that captures the attention of target audiences again and again. This recurring attention is what allows brands to increase awareness, become household names and ultimately grow and profit.

Style blogging is a form of visual storytelling and fashion blogs share news, highlight designers, and act as discovery engines for great pieces and new must-haves, but it's a struggle to differentiate in a sea of similarity. The opportunity to rise above the fray comes, in addition to what is written or photographed, by working on your brand, and, a willingness to get personal. Consider Love Maegan sharing her struggles with infertility, Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook's passion for juvenile justice sparked by personal experience, and our dear Ashe, boldly sharing swimsuit photos and daring to reveal a healthy perspective on getting out there and enjoying the water. When we know more about you, we can root for you, we can feel closer to you, and that draws us in.

Humans are wired for connection. If you can find places in your blog to move beyond the clothes and help us understand what you stand for, what makes you tick and even where you struggle, you will be rewarded. A little vulnerability is not only personally validating – it's often the more personal posts that unleash a fury of support – and traffic — but your willingness to bring your whole self to the blogging game will allow you to build stronger relationships with your readers, ones that will last well beyond your next outfit post.

How much of you do you share on your blog?


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  1. Bisous Natasha

    This is much needed ! There are a few blogs I enjoy reading becuase the authors also share their personal moments along with the fashion. Sadly most readers skip over that and go straight to the comments.

  2. Ashley "Ashe" Robison

    I always think it’s amazing, and often underlooked… how we define personal. Which is to say, we may not think we’re opening up much, but for our readers it could be the flood gates to getting to know us better. I didn’t consider my swimsuit post that personal (and thank you for including it!), yet the response at Already Pretty would indicate it was a great chance to bond with that audience.

    As bloggers, I think we often believe our heart has to be beating and bloody on the page for our readers to respond and be connected. But sometimes it takes a lot less than that, but just… MORE than we’re used to giving them. And really, it is infinitely more rewarding!

  3. Krystal Orr

    Its a very fine balance to keep when blogging. What to share, what not to share, avoiding self-deprivation, avoiding including too much you and not enough valuable content, and building a personality for your blog and brand that makes you identifiable and relatable. Its all on a very thin line. But we need to also keep in mind that bloggers and the blogging industry has come as far as it has because of a need for consumers to feel like they can identify with a person who is ‘regular’ and ‘like them’. We need to keep ourselves as humanized as possibly for the betterment of the industry. Bloggers becoming larger than life or rising in some way above the average consumer would in some ways, be counterproductive. Great post!

  4. Toni Styles

    Wow, it’s amazing how timely this post is. Just yesterday on my blog, I opened up more than I ever had before. It was a great feeling, to “shed skin” and make myself vulnerable. I really lost my way for awhile; my original intentions were pushed aside for what I thought I had to post – what other’s were doing. But my desire to share and connect in a very real way, remains as strong as ever. I know in order to do so, I have to reveal a complete and whole person – in short, I have to get personal. Thank you so much for the article – admittedly, I’m still in shock at the timing. Last night while running a google search, I discovered this IFB article from 2011, on the same topic: <3

  5. CynthiaCM

    It depends on what you mean by “personal.” As a short girl, I talk a bit about being petite and the lack of discussion/push for height diversity in the fashion and body image world (heck, I used to have a whole blog dedicated to this) and will mention how something might work or not work on shorter women. I have also written about family dinners in the form of restaurant reviews or random posts. Other than that, personal views and random “what I’m doing” or “things I find interesting” tend to be on social media (mostly Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@delectablychic if anyone is interested).

  6. Elzita

    Just yesterday I was thinking that i should add more of myself on my blog, as this is the first thing i look for on other blogs. I still have my reservations though, after all it is a fashion blog. Great advice nonetheless. Thanks!

  7. Shweta J.

    Oh-My-God! This comes at a time when I needed that re-assurance the most. ^ months into blogging, I’ve never written a word about my personal life. But from last two months I was not able to post due to family commitments and love-life problems. So, when I sat down to write two days earlier with a heavy heart, I rambled it all out to my readers. And I was to skeptic to hit ‘publish’ but I did it for the sake of my grief.
    And now, with you approving of it, I can be sure of my decision.
    Thanks Crosby and team IFB.

  8. Elaine C

    Everyone has their own share of problems! It helps to bring us together if we have the same problems because it shows we aren’t alone in this world!

  9. Monica

    I have express on my blog how I want to inspire woman of my country and also how I want to help local designers. I live in Guatemala and security here is different from USA or Europe, if I tell too much about myself I could get kidnapped, so that isn’t an option for me. But I believe that people love blogs where they feel they are friends, where they see a girl that is a human being with their ups and downs just as them.

  10. Rachel

    Wow this post is great!
    Because I run my blog with two other girls, it is sometimes a struggle to incorporate our own individuality.. Plus we occasionally do photoshoots for other girls, which makes it even harder for us to show our personal vulnerability; however, it is true that I only follow blogs when I find out more about the author.
    Since we also post individual ootds and whatnot, I’ll be sure to incorporate some of “me” into future posts. Thanks a lot!

  11. Nasreen

    this is what I needed. Sometimes I feel like “okay I want to write something personal” but then decide against it because I think my readers wont care or comments are always just “cool outfit” or “you look lovely” but I remember from another post on IFB that so many of my viewers are “silent readers” and maybe they care and can relate 🙂