The 16 Freshest Fashion Bloggers on Vine


In just four short months, Vine has established itself as the leader in short-bit video apps fit for social media. Its quick adoption might have something to do with the fact it's owned by Twitter, but it's enough to get the attention of brands, bloggers and 13 million others as a useful tool. While Instagram is rumored to be releasing its own Vine competitor any day now, the fashion world is just getting comfortable with adding Vine to the social media mix.

These are 16 fashion bloggers who are active on Vine (meaning, they post fairly often.) Some names you might recognize, others you won't, but they all offer you easy and simple ways to incite new ideas, promote or build community for your own blog.

Bag Snob

Follow Tina Craig's fabulous stop-motion travel diary, with special appearances by her exquisite bag and shoe collections.

Bri Emery

Get a peek into the DesignLoveFest blogger's other projects, including the BlogShop workshop.


Chi City Fashion's Vine is equal parts shoe candy, adorable dog clips and behind-the-scenes of a ‘work from home' blogger/entrepreneur.

Could I Have That

She's featuring other bloggers, behind-the-scenes of blog photoshoots and crowd sourcing beauty ideas from her readers in this Vine.

The Coveteur

Unboxing beautiful products and very gratuitous shots of dream closets are just a few of the clips you'll see in The Coveteur's feed.

Keiko Lynn

A sweet look at the everyday life of the famous blogger.

Man Repeller

Leandra's quirkiness (and singing!) are alive and well in her fun Vine clips.

Meagan Cignoli

Meagan's beautiful mastery of stop-motion and time-lapse make for some stunning clips.

Nadia Aboulhosn

Personality, cats and The Office rule this blogger's Vine feed.

Natalie Suarez

Check out Natalie's Vine for a peek into her life…off duty 🙂

Naty Michele

Naty gives Vine followers the first look on upcoming blog posts, sponsored products and more.

Oscar PR Girl

Such a treat to follow the inner workings of Oscar de la Renta through social media, and Vine is no different!


We love her outfits, but it's ProFreshStyle's humor and wit that make her Vine so fun to follow.

P.S. I Made This

P.S. I Made This squeezes in quick DIY tutorials and so much more into her Vine feed.

Purse Blog

If you're looking for a fresh way to work with brands using your social media prowess, Megs of Purse Blog's Vine feed can show you how.

Vintage Vandal

This retro fashion blogger shows how she pulls off an impeccable vintage style into everyday life in NYC.

Who would you add to this list?

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10 Responses

  1. Jennifer Rose

    Yeeeeah, we really need to start doing Vine! I’ve been shying away from it because it’s yet another social media tool I feel I have to be on, but these are really cute! -JR of

  2. Emily

    I’ve been using Vine more lately! Taking inspiration from these gals & hope to be added sometime! Mine Vine is: Emily Tozer 🙂

  3. AJ Wears Clothes

    Just followed everyone on this list, thanks! I also love Classy Girls Wear Pearls’ vine feed, it’s always pretty and sometimes shows a more fun a wild side of the prep kids. I really want to do more fashion related things on my vine, but I almost always just post videos of my dog instead.

  4. elkee

    I don’t have Vine but I follow Vintage Vandal on WordPress, FB and IG. She’s quite an inspirational young woman.