IFB Project #101: Write about a brand you want to work with

A few weeks ago, Crosby talked about how to develop relationships with brands. One of her main points was to write about the brand you want to work with. Now, some people think that they have to get paid before you do anything, but what about setting yourself to actualize the kind of career and the kind of relationships you want? One of the ways you can do that is to start the process yourself by creating authentic content about the brands you want to work with. Perhaps doing a practice practice project, where you create a project that a brand can participate. This will do a few things for you:

  • It will give you an idea of the kinds of brands you want to work with
  • It will give you a feeling of what would be a good fit for your audience (and how they respond)
  • It will give you a better idea if working with brands is the road you want to take with your blog


Of course, actually working with brands is never like you imagine it (working with people always means you might be dealing with a number of wild card situations, good and bad). This project is really about getting you in the mind set that not only is this something you want to do, but to give you an example of what you can do.

IFB Project #101: Write about a brand you want to work with

In this project, the sky is the limit with what you can do. You can write a post. Or you can create a mock campaign by seeing where the brand's values and your blog's values overlap. You can even track the interaction from your readers and click on the links to create a case study. It can be a practice run that you can test, or a simple love letter to a designer you cherish. Just know you get what you put into it!

Submit your links below  by June 27th, with a link to IFB (submissions without links will not be featured in the roundup).

Looking forward to seeing what you do!

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24 Responses

  1. Hayami Lou

    Thanks for always challenging me to do new things with my blog! It’s easy to fall into just doing outfit posts week after week and never get anywhere with content that interests readers.

    • CynthiaCM

      The 25th…the article was posted today (June 22), so it makes no sense for it to be on June 20!

  2. Jodie

    Wow! So excited to see my link there! Has made my day thank you so much! x

  3. Ana Vargas

    This is actually a really great idea. I want to get into PR and it’d be really great to represent a company that I love and have written great things about.

    • CynthiaCM

      It really depends! I am not expecting free tickets for mine (I decided to forgo the fashion route and talk about collaborating with an opera company), but it could lead to other projects! 🙂


  4. Cody Caissie

    This was my first time interacting with this website and I feel it was a good challenge. I look forward to more interactions 🙂

  5. Krystal

    First time participating in an IFB Project and it was certainly a great exercise in thought and creativity. Self reflection is important in the pursuit of blogging authentically and I feel like this really made me think about a brand that fits me in my current stage of life.

  6. Gemma

    I have followed and read ifb for a while and its the first time I have taken the leap and interact with you. I had been researching this designer for a while and felt confident that this was the blog post to enter with. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I hope its informative to as I have read quite a few (psychical) books for this post.

    I look forward to reading the other links above.

  7. Alexandra Haygood

    This has been one of my favorite projects! It was a great exercise to write in a different way, hopefully more creative :), way!

    Thanks for posting!

    xo, Alex
    Vast Aspiration

  8. Judy Torborg

    Thanks so much for posting my link “I want to write for dior” and for constantly inspiring and challenging bloggers to keep churning out new and exciting contents!

  9. Sage

    I think this project shows the fine balance between people writing for opportunities and people writing for the content. It’s difficult not to come off as desperate when you’re writing about how much you want to work with someone, and when you write adoringly about a brand and fawn over them it doesn’t always come across the way you hope it does. I don’t want to be the kind of blogger who begs to be taken under the wing of a big brand, I’d prefer to be picked up because of my content and message; or if not picked up, have a following of readers who genuinely like my content, not just followers who want a follow back. That being said, I did participate in this project! I’m not saying that people shouldn’t write about brands they love, I’m just saying it’s not necessarily in our best interests as bloggers to be super fawny about it.

  10. Sheela Goh

    Personally, this has been the most fun IFB project I’ve undertaken yet. The challenge wasn’t so much in deciphering which labels to write about as it was to plot how I should approach it 🙂