5 Ways to Supercharge Your Social Media

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Looking for ways to mix up your social media content strategy?  Want a little dose of inspiration to supercharge your social media?  Here are a few quick and easy ideas to inject a little variety into your daily digital routine…

Experiment with video on Instagram

Instagram just released a new 15 second video tool.  Grab a video of an inspirational view or bring your outfit picture to life with Instagram's signature filters.  Already use Vine for short form video?  Test similar content on both platforms.

Do a quick audit of your followers on Twitter

You may not have the time to do an analysis of your followers on Twitter, but I find this to be a useful exercise.  Who is your core audience on the platform?  What content are they engaging with the most?  You may also find some great new blogs to follow by sifting through your new followers.

Set up an editorial calendar for your social media content

Most bloggers work from a weekly editorial calendar to plot out content for their blog and you can also leverage a similar idea for your social media platforms.  Set up a schedule to make your time spent on these platforms more efficient, but don't forget to also allow room for some spontaneity and two way conversations.  Auto posting everything from a management system like Hootsuite may not be the right fit for your brand voice.

Monitor your blog name on key social media platforms

You may monitor your blog name religiously on Google Alerts, but what about key social media platforms?  Make this part of your daily or weekly routine to increase engagement with readers and to keep tabs on the most popular content.  Search for your blog name on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

Share good content – no matter the source

You might have read a great post on someone's blog that you want to share with your followers/readers or an article in a magazine that you wouldn't normally post in your Twitter feed.  Why not spread a little love and goodwill by sharing it on your key social media channels?

When other tips can you share about shaking out of a social media rut?  How do you supercharge your content strategy?

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13 Responses

  1. Krystal

    This article is right on time!!! I have been thinking about ways to beef up my social media presence for weeks. I really like the editorial calendar for social media idea. I really don’t like the auto posting programs…they were a waste of time for me especially with Twitter. But I really think it will help to have a schedule for my own reference so I’m not always so lost as to what to post.
    I’ve also been thinking and planning a lot about the whole ‘videos on IG’ situation. It seems like as soon as I learn on SM program…another one or another feature is invented. lol
    Great article!

  2. Winston & Willow

    This is a really great post. I schedule certain times of the week to work on my social media but then also do it on the go too! I haven’t done an Instagram video just yet but I have to experiment!

  3. Nathalie F.

    I’m glad that Instagram has video now, so I don’t have to open a Vine account. I’m excited to post videos, and to hear other bloggers’ voices so I can finally match a voice to their write-ups! Haha.


  4. Jangsty

    I totally agree with the idea of sharing links to other sites and blogs, even if they do not necessarily relate to my topic (beauty reviews)!

  5. Jemma Taylor

    Great article! Looking forward to the series! I’ve recognized social media as a necessary evil for some time now, but my attempts at effectively using it have been seriously lacking; hopefully!!

  6. Michelle Turner

    An app/ website that I have found helpful in “SuperCharging” my Social Media is https://www.ifttt.com (If This, Than That). It streamlines your social media by helping the user multitask. This helps me COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere) with social media 🙂

  7. Neža

    I’d say FB & Twitter to start with because they have far most users. As in the beginning you mainly wish for your blog to get around 🙂

    Then later, you can be more personal with Instagram, & a little less with Pinterest or maybe Weheartit.

    Tumblr is also great from the number of users point of view & their likeliness to share the content if you wish to go viral

  8. Lisa R

    I love the post as I am always looking for ways to get more traffic and visitors to my site. One thing I think needs to be done is create a list of expectations that you want/need to get from social media. In conjunction with that monitor the traffic that results from every social media site. Determine what works and what doesn’t work. I have found that time spent does not equate with results. I get more traffic from Twitter than Pinterest but I spend more time on Pinterest. When I looked at my time sheets from one week to the next, I found my time is much more beneficial on Twitter by a huge margin. It helps me to know where to focus my time.