Daily Inspiration: Well done is better than well said.


Even in the world of blogging where words matter. Words are still cheap.

Anyone can say anything eloquently, but do to something… to make a difference. That is always better. To follow up words with action. Even better than better.

What can you do for your blog that's beyond the words you publish?

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2 Responses

  1. Miss City Chic

    I love this post! I feel that sure it’s great if you have a well-written post, but in actuality great photos make a better post. The aesthetics is what attracts and keep a reader more so than the words.


  2. Kristin Fehrman

    My blog is 100% photos with separate pages for minimal write-ups and featured content. Sure, I could write more, but who really cares about the sunny day and what I did before I took the photos?

    However, I love getting social with those who frequent my blog via Twitter and Facebook- for me, my blog itself is completely style focused, and I like it that way.