5 Ways to Get Excited About Your Niche Again


When you're a niche fashion blogger, you're usually only talking about one or two specific subjects. And when everything on your site revolves around that single topic, you can start to feel a little fenced in. You might even get tired of your niche, and start to wonder if it's time to open things up a bit. Well, before giving up on your niche, try getting excited about it again first. How? Let these 5 steps be your guide!

1) Think about your topic like a beginner. As you learn more about your particular niche, you'll find yourself thinking less and less like a beginner and more and more like an expert. That's a good thing because it means you're acquiring and assembling knowledge, but there's a downside in that you might start to forget some of those basic, intro-level questions you had as a beginner. Remember that are new people interested in your niche everyday! Go back to basics with a “101” style series that introduces newbies to what your topic is about. Even if the articles seem basic to you, they're still going to answer some important questions your readers have.

2) Approach your topic like an expert. If you've been blogging on one topic for awhile, you probably know more than you think you know, so consider to the body of knowledge on your topic. Think original research, unconsidered perspectives, interviews with leading authorities, polls, surveys, or detailed analyses that connect your niche to larger problems in the economic, fashion, or technological world. In other words, if no one's talking about something in your niche that needs to be talked about, be the person to start the conversation!

3) Be a resource to other brands or bloggers who are just starting out in your niche. It often seems like the same handful of brands or bloggers are getting press coverage again and again. They're the names everyone knows, and they're the ones with the material assets and social capital to drive up a ton of buzz. But there are plenty of small brands and small bloggers doing amazing things in your niche; they just need a little push to get in front of people. Help those brands or bloggers who are just starting out, and you'll also help your blog stay on the cutting edge of what's new.

4) Guest post on other blogs. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery, and writing for another audience can force you to look at your blog (and therefore your niche) with a fresh perspective. Don't just limit yourself to other blogs in your niche; use guest posting as an opportunity to reach new audiences and as an excuse to push yourself to connect your niche to other niches people may be interested in.

5) Take a break from your niche. Sometimes fatigue is just fatigue. If you're struggling with constant writer's block or brain freeze, it could be that you really need to take a break, get away from  your niche, and decompress for a bit. Creativity often happens when you're not in the middle of doing something. If your niche has been feeling stale for awhile, taking some time away could be just the thing to get you excited again.

Do you write a niche blog? What are your tips for staying passionate about your niche? I'd love to hear them in the comments!


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3 Responses

  1. Nasreen

    At one point, I just needed a break and so I took a little hiatus. It totally helped! I had new ideas, I was excited again, and came back with a new perspective. I really like how the first two points tie in together!

  2. Audrey

    I’ve been suffering from writer’s block a lot this year. I decided to branch out from doing personal style posts to creating articles that are useful to my readers in the long run. What can I say, I got bored. But with these new articles and trying to get my business up and running, i found that I am getting back my blogging mojo.