Daily Inspiration: Go with your instincts. Write about what you love…


Here at IFB we always advise you to focus on a niche. But even more than that, to focus on a niche that you are passionate about. How do you find out what you are passionate about? There is no self-help quote that can help you, except the quotes that say to follow your instincts. Pay attention to what topics bring you joy, that make you happy, that inspire you to create more.

Write about what rings true to yourself. That will give you a sense of authenticity that can't be replicated, and ultimately lead you to write more about what you love.

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  1. Castle Fashion

    Woah, crazy timing for this post. I just wrote about the same thing on my blog. 🙂 Had a really good convo with a friend who was so encouraging too. I’ve been writing more and more about the manufacturing/labor ethics side of fashion and though it doesn’t seem to inspire interaction, I think it’s a topic the fashion blogging community needs to jump into. I never see other bloggers talk about it and I hope that changes soon.

    Castle Fashion

  2. Gemma

    Hey Castle Fashion, I am really interested in the sustainability (both eco and ethic’s) side of fashion too. I have done a designer profile on a Stella McCartney as I admire her ethos although I am as of yet to write anything directly a both sustainability as I want to make sure I get my fact right first. In all my post I do try to key my principles in place and write about local business, DIY etc (as well as big designers) where I can. I am currently writing a meaty post on sustainabliy but as I mentioned earlier I want to get my facts right first and I am using text book to ensure I am factually correct.

  3. Summer Martin

    Before I started my blog, I knew I wanted to concentrate on frugal fashion because that is what I’m passionate about. I don’t think there is one item in my closet over $60 and I wanted to show other females how they too could look fabulous for less. I’m passionate about saving money, and that’s what was true to me.

    Summer x