Why Do We Blog? (Hint: it’s not about the Money)


I've been thinking a lot about this lately – why we blog. It seems like a simple question with an easy answer, but sometimes it isn't. Sure, we have passion for our subjects, and the money doesn't hurt, but when it comes down to it what REALLY keeps us going?

I asked a few of my IFB colleagues to tell me why they blog, and here's what they said:

Ashley Robison

“I feel like anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows that I've been having a blogging crisis of faith for the last few years when it comes to my personal site.  After 6 years and a tumultuous passion, sometimes I wonder if it's not the routine and obsession that keep me doing it more than the passion!

I love that blogging has given me a platform to create a living writing portfolio for myself, and that it has developed actual skills that transfer into real jobs.

I've always considered myself a student, so blogging allows me to continue my education past school and throughout life: I get to choose what I learn about, I get to put it into practice, and all of the repercussions are on myself alone (no flunking Latin this time!).

When writing for IFB, my nurturing side gets fulfilled– I get to share my experiences, mistakes, and triumphs with the community.  I'm a helper (which is horrible when it comes to negotiating), and nothing gives me more satisfaction that seeing the community respond to what I'm saying, whether through a comment, a tweet, a personal email… even if it's negative!”

Julia DiNardo

“I blog because I love writing, am passionate about the subjects I cover, feel that I can add something to the conversation, and enjoy being my own boss!

Monetary goals were never the focus, but are of course a nice addition, and having the freedom to write about anything that I want to (or more importantly, be able to cut out the “have-to's”)  is quite appealing.

I've been blogging for five years, and I don't do it full time, but hope to give it more of a time commitment in the coming months.”

Cora Harrington

“I've been blogging for 5 years and blogging full time for almost 2. The Lingerie Addict has been my only blog, though I used to call it Stockings Addict.

I blog because fashion (and, subsequently, lingerie) can seem so exclusionary and so aspirational and so out of touch, that many women wonder if it's even relevant to their lives.

And lingerie is totally relevant, perhaps more than any other item of fashion, to all women. It involves so much, from self-esteem to personal style, and it's also a wonderful lens for examining the world at large, such as issues around diversity/representation, gender and sexuality, and sustainability/ethics. I've been writing about nothing but lingerie for the last 5 years, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.”

Grechen Reiter (that's me)

“I've been blogging/writing online for almost 10 years now, and when I started it was out of a need to create something new – a tool for online shopping – and I've kept at it because I've found a community of people who share my love (addiction, let's call it like it is) of shopping online. I have a crazy passion for finding great deals on designers I love and sharing that with others; I'd still do it even if I didn't make any money, well, as much money.

And when I'm having an “off” day, all it takes for me to remember why I'm doing this is an email from a reader letting me know she could finally buy something she'd been saving up for because of a deal I posted, or someone saying “thanks for your blog, I love that I can relate to you.”

The idea that I'm providing value to someone out there continues to fuel my love for what I do. The fact that I can do this full-time and make a living is just a bonus.”

Why do YOU blog? Why do you keep going?


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19 Responses

  1. nIKKI

    I think its rare for anyone to start out blogging solely for money! It has to start with a passion.. money is a great counterpart for sure (with any endeavor) but its the passion for whatever topic you’re blogging about that really drives you.


  2. Katie

    Blogging is freedom to express what you want, when you want, how you want. It’s a creative outlet and I am sure all bloggers out there would agree. It’s a chance to hold a certain identity you might not otherwise in real life–a persona. And, in many cases it’s a chance for an individual to explore the many taboo’s in life, document them and share them in the world.

    People live vicariously through bloggers which is why I think we see so much of it today. Not to mention the social platform that exists really lends itself to that type of communication.

  3. runwaymonk

    Blogging helps me vent my creativity. Though I am a fashion designer by profession, blogging helps me evolve myself and be able to share my work and connect with like minded people worldwide. Never thought would me making money out of it. Blogging money is like reading a book of school assignment, so it never works out well because you were never interested in first place.


  4. runwaymonk

    Blogging helps me vent my creativity. Though I am a fashion designer by profession, blogging helps me evolve myself and be able to share my work and connect with like minded people worldwide. Never thought would me making money out of it. Blogging for money is like reading a book of school assignment, so it never works out well because you were never interested in first place.

  5. Anastasia Polosina

    I started blogging, because i wanted to share my personal point of view on fashion (for instance, i love to make a roundup of seasonal trends), as well as to share things that inspire me..Because i hope that it can also inspire someone else!) And i also use my blog as a online-portfolio of my styling works for magazines.



    I started blogging to work with my real life writeups, that i used to write back then in a campus. I’ve always known I cant bottle the things inside me. I’ve just got to release them. People always encourage me to share more, so I surprised them with this. Truth is, this is my fourth blog, and the only one I actively use. The others were created when I didnt know much about blogging. Now, with an open mind and lots of sacrifices, I share my views everywhere from twitter.com/thefantafab to fb.com/thefantafab … The longer ones find their ways into my blog. Money is a great idea, but it’s not the primary thing. Else, I should have been ‘blogossiping.’

  7. CynthiaCM

    Definitely NOT for the money! I want to offer a different, perhaps not-so-mainstream perspective on things – especially on body image (I’m a short girl and think “body image” and “size diversity” is almost synonymous with “let’s use more ‘larger’ sized girls/boys”). So when I write about fashion shows, I will almost always say whether a collection is size-friendly to non-model-shaped women or not. This is something that I intend to apply as I review more books, theatre and opera as well. It’s always good to be a bit “different” from what’s generally expected or accepted.

  8. adhi wahyudi

    i did not start blogging to earn some money, im basically start blogging just because my parents didnt allowed to take Fashion design major to continue my college. well maybe this is the best way to share my passion about fashion and art. thats all


  9. Technicolorcutie

    I did it as a way to reach out and form a community. It’s been great and I’ve made so many friends. I don’t have any plans to monotize my blog, but I do like it when I go to events and people recognize me, or say “I really love reading your Blog”. It makes me really happy.

  10. Melissa

    My blog is mostly to allow my self to be creative! always loved taking photos, love fashion and enjoy writing.

  11. Oksana Radionova

    I started blogging because I’m obsessed with everything that it involves – fashion, photography, writing, graphic design and social media. But lately, because of poor time management (I’m on a 5-month trip across Europe), I’ve started slacking a bit and questioning what it is exactly that keeps me going… So thank you for putting things back into perspective!

  12. RoseannesCarrefour

    My blog is like my diary. Although I don’t write everyday. I look back at my old posts and realize how much I have changed. Plus I believe people learn one thing or two when they read my blog. f money is made out of it someday, awesome! Its definitely not my priority.

  13. Stevie Mac

    No question about it, I started the vintage fashion blog Glamourdaze, purely for the love of it. I was very slow to monetize things, and even now could be doing lots more in that direction. But the real key for me is to create an online source of all things vintage that I would follow myself if it were someone else’s baby. Speaking of babies – curating a blog is really like having a child running round in a nursery. You can never leave them on their own. A little monster, but one you love dearly!