IFB Project #102: Biking Babes

shutterstock_137042672One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to ride bikes with my friends. It was one of those fun things that I never grew out of. Riding bikes with friends, or solo for that matter is a great summertime activity that certainly makes you feel alive!

Another thing about bikes, is that there is a whole culture of style around them. Of course you can wear a dress with your bike, but also when cruising around town, you don't have to alter your style soooo much to rock the good biking look. Heck, I've heard from some ladies that it's easier to bike wearing high heels than to walk in them!

IFB Project #102: Post your bicycle look!

Post a look you would wear on a bike (extra points for actually getting out that day!) and submit it to the widget below by July 4th. Submissions must have a link to IFB in them in order to be featured in the roundup.


[Image credit: Shutterstock.com]

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5 Responses

  1. Miu Koridi

    Love it, just submitted today’s look on my bike 🙂
    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Sigita

    This round up is genius. I spent hours checking my bicycle clothing, and I found the perfect solution.

  3. Bike Pretty

    Hey, that’s my line! SO glad to hear people are biking in heels.
    I adore this project. Even though my personal style posts are *exclusively* with bikes, I almost missed this project because I’m travelling overseas.
    Fortunately my snapshots from Paris turned out beautifully and I was able to rush out a post.
    Just for you, IFB 😉