How to Find the Best Time to Schedule Your Posts

when to schedule blog posts

I often wonder if I could be capitalizing on more traffic by getting readers to spend more time on my site and turning them into repeat visitors; if only I had the magic formula of the best time in which to make my posts go live. Over the years, I've come across various research that gave indicators of when to publish; I've read that Wednesday is a GREAT day for traffic, being rationalized that it isn't the start or end of the week, so people have more leisure time to indulge in their favorite blogs. But I've also seen Monday is a great day too! I've also read that during normal weekday working hours, i.e. 9-5pm, is the best time in general because most people do things other than work, such as read blogs, with the time frame of 10-11am being ideal.

I've tried to think of my habits for posting, as well as when I have time to read blogs, and tried to create balance within that, when possible, to correlate the posts to go live, pinged out via the newsletter, and automatically sent to the various social media outlets. I couldn't help but wonder if I was on the right path, so I spoke with a few fellow bloggers to garner some info and advice about what they do so that our IFB community can learn some tips, and possibly even find evidence for the best times/days/ to publish posts and send out newsletters.

Jamie Stone, Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis

“There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to post scheduling.  I've tested out quite a few methods but I've noticed that my traffic is best when I schedule posts to go live around 1am PST.  It's hard because I'm on the west coast and I do have a lot of east coast readers…I wouldn't want to post something at 9am my time, which would already be noon on the east coast!”

Tricia Lewis, Fashion Herald

“I used to schedule more regularly, but that was when my job was mainly working on the blog. With an expansion of work responsibilities, scheduling has fallen to the wayside. These days I post purely when I have time available, which is usually in the afternoons. I drop all and post immediately when there's retail news I want to cover…But I've often toyed with getting the blog on an early morning posting schedule, and your question has inspired me to test this. First thing I do in bed in the morning is browse my iPhone, and I catch up on some blogs, so this week I started scheduling a few posts before 7am.

We've tested some early morning publishing for our company newsletter, and although open rates weren't as high, the click-throughs were higher. I'm not sure how this will work for blog postings, so I'm curious to test different times. This also makes you assess what is more important for your blog and business: a more engaged customer being driven through your site by your newsletter/blog, or bigger open, “one-hit” numbers.

I'm also by nature a bit of a contrarian. If you tell me ‘studies show 9-11 am is the best time to post on your blog, I'm going to think Great, then I'll post at noon, or two, or four, because who's going to my little blog when everyone's posting content at the same time?!'”

McArthur Joseph, Daily Mister

“I feel like there this not an exact time that will guarantee visits from everybody. It's imperative to pinpoint your target audience and post at a time before they will consume the information. For example, are they reading: during their morning coffee, on lunch breaks, right after school lets out, or late at night during “winding down time?”

Sayeh Pezeshki, The Office Stylist

“I write posts usually early morning or at night (whenever I am most creative) and I make sure they are all scheduled to run before 10 AM PST. Most people on the west and east coast are reading blogs they follow or newsletters in the morning vs. later in the afternoon. I've seen posts that I've published in the late afternoon where it doesn't receive as many hits, tweets, pins or Facebook likes because not many people are reading at that point in the day. Its best to get in front of your audience when they are ready to read/re-tweet content instead of during the off chance they are still browsing on their computer.

Julia DiNardo (the author), Fashion Pulse Daily

And my two cents: I feel that like Tricia and McArthur, it's important to know your readers and when they are heading to your site; look at your analytics for some solid proof, and play around with different posting times to see if how it goes. I also get stuck in the rut of racing to get a post up before the scheduled time my newsletter goes out every day, just making it under the gun. Another option is to be candid with your readers– why not just ask them what time they like to go to your site? You can entice them with a sweet giveaway in order to secure answers, offer a guest post spot for those interested if they are willing to do a focus group with you about it etc. Ultimately, it is in their hands as to when they will read your posts, so we not make a personal connection and chat with them about it?

When have you found to be the best time to schedule your posts?
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23 Responses

  1. Ashley "Ashe" Robison

    I have no idea how it impacts the delivery to readers, but mine tend to get schedule for 9 am Central time — which means 10 am in NYC, 8 am for the Mountain region, and 7 am for those Pacific Coast babes. I know I tend to do my blog reading in the early morning (either before work or as I settle in at work), and my thought is, “Get it across their plates as they get ready for the day.”

  2. Soraya

    Good tips! It seems very difficult to figure out when to post something when you have an international following, when I post something in the afternoon European time, my Indian and Middle Eastern readers (oriental fashion blog) will be a couple of hours ahead, maybe asleep even. It takes some effort to get to know your readers and know when they are most active. Weekends for me have so little traffic, while weekdays are great, Im curious to see what everyone else thinks is the best time to post!

  3. Alexandria Adair

    This makes me want to experiment and figure out what the best times for me to post are!

  4. sacramento

    I am Spanish living in Spain and my stronger readers, after Spanish Bloggers are USA. so I just follow my heart and post around 9 am Spanish time.

  5. Jeanine Marie

    I know as a reader of many blogs, I can’t wait till Monday morning to get the weekend recaps. I start my day reading my favorite blogs around 9am EST. I like it when my favorite blogs stick to a posting schedule.

    Since I am just getting started I haven’t figured out a time that works for me yet. This article was very helpful.

  6. stealherstyle

    It’s easy: Go into Google Analytics, switch your traffic view to “hourly”, see where your peak hours are. The start to middle of your peak is YOUR best time to post. Don’t even worry about what other people are saying or doing because what works for them isn’t what works for you.

  7. ReNika

    We have only a small number of readers so far (started about a month ago with our blog), so I guess it is quite hard to make any conclusions yet. So far I would say it varies a lot. It might be also because of the different age of the readers, different countries, and that some work from home and some from the office etc. But may I would say maybe morning (around 8 am) or later in the evening (after the news 9 am). Weekends I thought were lower because of the nice weather, which people rather spend outside than by a computer, but then I gave a post on Saturday evening, which was very successful. So I find it very difficult to figure out when is the best time 🙂

  8. Alexis Crawford

    I don’t really have a schedule for posting, but I try to post during the day as much as possible!

  9. Kristin

    I hate scheduling. I usually post early afternoon, when I am able to share my outfit of the day. Now, my blog doesn’t consist of mass text or editorial-type features, it’s a very real and up-to-date visual of what I am doing. That is what my viewers like and expect.

  10. Hayami Lou

    Man, this really makes me think! I would like to think that my (potential) readers are young adults who would stay up late, but I personally browse fashion blogs during the afternoon after school. Guess I need to set up a good schedule for posts, and summer is a great time to start! 🙂

  11. Khanh Nguyen

    I’m not sure on the stats of how many bloggers do it as a full time job. I’m assuming most are like myself, a full-time working professional that does this on the side. So the best times to post usually revolves around my work schedule rather than me trying to figure out the best time to post. As much as I’d like to dedicate more energy and time to details such as posting times, it is just not a realistic goal.

    Great article though.

  12. Diane Taha

    In my experience, it widely varies. When I started out blogging, I would post after midnight and would wake up to several likes and pending comments. Not so much now, though. I find that I get more success if I post around noon.

  13. Adela

    I live in London but have a lot American readers. This makes things complicated. I’ve been testing and now I schedule all my post at midnight local time. This means its there ready for when the Brits wake up and the Americans can read it before bed 🙂 I tweet about 4 links throughout the day so hopefully it reaches different time zones.
    Adela x

  14. Autumn

    I schedule my post depends on the topic, if it’s a fresh news, publish it soon … but if it is a post of a trend or another topic if I schedule and it works to be published at 10 am. I tweet and then at 5 pm tweet again. At that time many are finishing the workday and spend reading articles on the internet. I publish my blog from Colombia but readers are from USA and Europe.

  15. Monica

    I post program my post at midnigth of my country as I have fellow bloggers readers from UK and Spain, I have notice that they read early in the morning. Also the readers from country seem to read my posts before they start working, probably when they get to work and check tw, fb, etc. Early morning of any country works for me.

  16. Christine & Jenna

    We’re still experimenting with what day is best, but since we both work in SEO/content creation for clients, I can say morning always is good. around 9-10am, whatever time you’re in. But our blog is brand new, so we’ll see what happens with day of the week!

  17. Lisa

    I use to shedule two in the morning before 10, one at around 1-3pm and about 2 in the late afternoon, early afternoon so I get my readers within their way to work/breakfast, lunch and of course in the evening. But it’s always a hard thing and it really depends on the Content, the Day, if there are any BIG things on TV etc :/

  18. Jiu Jiu

    I’ve only recently started looking into blog publishing times. Unfortunately with I didn’t have access to hourly numbers, but I’ll look into that with my switch to I’m in Korea, but most of my readers are in America, so I’m starting to schedule things for 7am eastern standard time.

    Thank you for publishing this!