Moving Beyond the Personal Style Post: 5 Ways to Create Flagship Content for Your Fashion Blog


As fashion bloggers, much of what we write about is transitory. Trends are, by their nature, only around for the short term, and what's “in” one season can be completely “out” the next. That rapid turnaround can make it hard to hold onto readers' attention, but if you're wondering how to get more readers, keep those readers, position yourself as an authority, improve your SEO, and stand out amongst an ever-growing sea of fashion bloggers, consider implementing flagship content into your strategy.

What is flagship content? Well, in simple terms, it's blog content that never goes out of date. Most of what's published right here on Independent Fashion Bloggers qualifies as flagship content. Articles that were published years ago are still just as relevant, insightful, and valuable today. Because of IFB's focus on flagship content (also known as “evergreen” content), this site has become a leader in the world of fashion blogging; it's a resource people can refer to again and again.

While at first glance, it may seem impossible to replicate Jennine's results, rest assured that her strategy is easy to implement on your own blog. So the question is, how can you create flagship content for your site? Try these 5 tips:

  • Answer a question. Are your readers asking the same questions again and again in your blog comments or via e-mail? Then consider writing a blog post that answers them! If you aren't getting very many questions on your blog yet, try polling your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, or Tumblr followers to ask what questions they've had lately. And if that isn't an option, ask one of your friends what their questions about your topic may be.
  • Solve a problem. Are many of your readers having the same issue or problem? Is there a common complaint in your industry that no one's really addressed yet? Then offer a solution! Whether it's for a simple issue, like taking care of hard-to-clean garments or addressing a more complex problem, like ethical production and design, make your blog a place for solutions.
  • Think about what you want your blog to be known for. And while you're at it, consider what search terms people will use to find your blog. If someone had to describe your blog in a sentence, what would they say? What words should come to mind when people think of your blog? Why should they recommend your blog to their friends? What sets your blog apart from every other fashion blogger out there? Knowing what you want to be remembered for will help you come up with the content to make that happen.
  • Remember that people love lists, tips, and how-tos. Folks are busy, and these three types of content tend to be very easy to digest. Even better, they often answer a question or solve a problem (yup, it's all connected!). Are there 10 stores that are perfect for your readers? What about 20 bits of advice everyone reading your blog should know? Or your 15 favorite bloggers, tweeters, or style icons? The possibilities are literally endless.
  • Provide value. This is the most important item on the list. Flagship content isn't throwaway content. Evergreen articles often take significantly more time and research than seasonal pieces on trends or style. If your article won't be just as useful and relevant 1, 3, or 5 years from now, then it's probably not flagship content. Every flagship piece should make your readers feel like they've gotten some kind of long-term or lasting benefit from what you had to say.

Have you written flagship content before? What's your advice for writing evergreen articles? Are you working on any flagship pieces right now? Let's brainstorm together in the comments!

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  1. Shira

    I’ve been thinking of writing a blog post about fashion blogging tips but I’ve shied away from it because I’m not an expert, don’t have a massive following (YET hehehe), and have only been blogging about 5-6 months. BUT I think it might be interesting to write about it from the perspective of a new blogger. I definitely think I do have “valuable” content there and it can definitely be a flagship piece. That’s it, this post has inspired me! I’m going for it!:)

    Also, I just did a post on “5 Baffling Trends That Need To Die” and although it’s mostly the current trends, I think it’s more of a flagship post than my typical outfits.

    • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

      Hi Sabrina,
      Cora’s second paragraph is devoted to what flagship content is –

      “What is flagship content? Well, in simple terms, it’s blog content that never goes out of date. Most of what’s published right here on Independent Fashion Bloggers qualifies as flagship content. Articles that were published years ago are still just as relevant, insightful, and valuable today. Because of IFB’s focus on flagship content (also known as “evergreen” content), this site has become a leader in the world of fashion blogging; it’s a resource people can refer to again and again.”

      So from your recent posts – flagship content would be “Ways to Fight Acne” because that would be a topic people would search out more often (than your more recent post about neon clothing). Hope that helps!

  2. Alex

    My followers seem to really respond to sets created using Polyvore (my personal choice) featuring my favorite clothing/beauty/accessories. It’s an extra bonus if you create sets with items that are affordable so they can shop your looks and re-create them without breaking bank.

  3. sandra (last tango in paris vintage)

    great tips! it’s true that lists and how to posts are always good and useful.

    while i do agree on the trends are shifting part, i’ve also noticed that there are bloggers going through ”style phases” that have nothing to do with trends- like people who used to dress more vintage-y, cutesy but have grown into more edgy looks, yet there are younger/newer bloggers who still get a lot of attention from the same style the others have evolved passed.

    style trend cycles?

  4. Andrea

    I’ve been thinking about what to post since things are not going smoothly and this post will help bigtime! 🙂

    Can you guys help me out if my blog’s good enough and the areas that I need to improve on? Send them in on my

    Thank you! 🙂

  5. Aida

    This is a great post. I think I’ve subconsciously started two series’. One about my personal style icons and one about people who are generally awesome which I call Ultimate Bosses. Could you call that flagship content? I dunno. But writing those up take a lot of time and they get really good responses. Sometimes it’s nice to read a long post


  6. War Julian

    I think being unique in your own style, writing and opinion are some of the ways to produce ‘Evergreen Articles’. This article is indeed very thoughtful. Thanks.

  7. Diane

    I make sure that I have at least 1 post per week that qualifies as “flagship content.” How-to’s for beauty, styling clothing, or improving your blog. These posts get the most hits on my blog.

  8. Lauren Williams

    I’ve actually started a new fashion blog (it’s about a month old). I’ve started some new post segments that I think would be considered flagship my favorite of which I call ‘what’s up in fashionland’. Pretty much it’s just about what trends I’ve noticed are most popular and also ways to style them. I also give out tips on my outfit post that relate to my outfit. Since I’m new I haven’t really gotten enough traffic or feedback to see how people feel about these things, but I like how it’s going so I hope everyone who’s seen it feels the same way.

    Lo from Sweet and Lo

  9. Autumn

    I’ve written a few flagship posts on my blog and besides being the most “durable” are the ones who usually have more visits. What kind of jeans should use according to your figure, or the historical origins of a classic style as the military. It read month after month.

  10. Monique House

    This post has resonated with me. It’s so important to blog beyond what matters to you, or what you’re wearing. Bloggers are in a unique position to help people. I’m a health enthusiast, so I’ve tried to weave together my fashion posts with flagship lifestyle topics that my readers would find important. You can’t look your best if you don’t feel your best.

  11. Sophia Styles

    Wonderful! Wonderful! post!!. I really enjoyed it. It was a nice simple reminder of why some of start blogging and how to make our blogs better.

  12. topgirlstyle

    yes i’ve written flagship vontent before. it’s about caramel hair colors. i used my hair experience when i created this content.
    i share my all know how.And 100 users visit my blog for caramel hair colors.

  13. Maria Von Losch

    Great reminder! As a stylist I provide savvy style tips for every outfit post I do, that way my readers can implement them at home. You can use these tips year after year. Cheers!

  14. Christine & Jenna

    We’re hoping to be able to capitalize on this. Even though yes, we definitely do personal style, we’re trying to also talk a lot about how fashion and travel coincide, since we’re big travelers (we’ve got upcoming posts on how-tos with travel that we hope will be “evergreen” as War Julian put it). It’s pretty much vital!

  15. Leti Elizabeth

    These are great tips for new bloggers out there, especially those looking to build up their SEO. For adding value, I recommend remembering to focus on what you know very well, more so than others. For example if you are a fashion blogger that notices compliments for readers about your skin and hair, do signature posts about natural curly hair, or beauty regimines for Asian skin…whatever it is you know like the back of your hand. And it will be timeless while also being flexible for relevance, like how to style natural curly hair during the summer with tons of humidity, etc. I personally focus on wardrobe building and how to dress like a French girl. That’s my thing. And of course eco fashion!

  16. Winchell G.

    Thank you for the tips! I really have a hard time with this “flagship” before. 🙂

  17. VPassion

    Great post! 😉 I do at least one post in month about some fashion icon. I really enjoy it, cause I have to do a case study and if someone is really in to fashion, than she/he needs to know the greatest names in history.
    I recently moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress, but on Blogger posts about great people was the most SEO friendly content. It works as you say – even after 3 years I receive traffic from those post.
    Thanks for confirmation! 😉
    My latest post was about Tim Walker, every blogger has seen hos work but not every knows even his name..

  18. Quia Querisma

    I actually stumbled into my flagship content. Circa 2011 I tasked myself with packing 8 days of clothes into a carry-on suitcase and documented the process on Tumblr and titled it “How to pack like a freaking ninja: 8 days in a carry-on”. More than a year later I decided to put Google analytics on the site and was FLOORED at how much traffic that post received. I promptly migrated to WordPress and redirected traffic from that post on Tumblr to its new home on I also shot a video, embedded it into the blog post, and pinned it. That’s were it really took off. Apparently some seriously popular professional organizer pinned my blog post and it went viral. I accidentally ended up branding myself as the packing ninja and now my youtube channel has over 66k views and my blog has over 100k inbound links from Pinterest. I get requests from readers to do videos for different seasons, and have done about three packing videos using REAL wardrobe and real situations.

  19. Neža

    Hey all!

    I definitely agree with tips, tricks, lists & how to’s, diy stuff… these are the things that actually get my attention most often as well.

    I always try to think about what attracts me when reading & try to create this type of content as well.

    I also think short posts are great with about 100 words or even less, and with some cool high res photos as an asset to catch more attention.