IFB Project #102 Roundup: Biking Babes

Summer officially began 2 weeks ago, and yesterday we celebrated the US's Independence Day… which means summer is in full swing! Biking always makes me think of summer and my childhood. The careless abandon of riding my bike past dark and riding to places I wasn't supposed to go to.  As a kid, I had my bike stolen not once, but twice– one by my sister's friend to “teach” me not to leave it out at night.  And then it actually got stolen when I left it out.  The thief did trade my bike for a nice boy's mountain bike that was far too big for 6 year old Ashley.

What I love about this week's roundup is how universal biking is– it's a transportation still actively used all across the globe. The selections in this week's roundup range from Montreal (Canada) to Geneva (Switzerland) and Riga (Latvia).  We even have one biking babe who bounces between homes in Milan and Brussels!

Check out all of our fabulous biking babe submissions!

IFB Project Roundup #102: Biking Babes

Miu Koridi: Bikes & Stripes


Valentine Avoh: Valentine on Getty


Lake & Moon: Bike In/On a Dress


The Haute Bunny: C'mon Let Me Ride Your Bicycle


White is New Black: Here We Go Again – Bikes and Fashion


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  1. Simona

    Thank you so much for featuring Lakenmoon, I am excited and can’t wait to see the other blog posts, xo

  2. Sigita

    i’m really happy to see my blog here. thank you so much, it means much to me!