IFB Project #103: Vintage Vixens


When I first started wearing “vintage” clothing, it was in the 90's, and back then it was easy to find dresses from the 60's and 70's at the local thrift store for under a dollar. My senior year, I had spent a total of $40 for my “back to school” wardrobe, consisting of over 35 dresses each unique and quite special. Unfortunately, those days are long gone, and while you can find vintage pieces for $1 at a flea market or the bargain bin, how we wear vintage these days is completely different. Not so much to save money, although sometimes vintage is cheaper, but as a way of wearing that unique piece that you can't find at Zara or J Crew, something with a story behind it, something special.

IFB Project #103: Share your favorite vintage piece

This week we are sharing our favorite vintage pieces. The more unique, rare, or the piece with an amazing story behind it. Something that you love and is special to you. Do you wear it in a modern way? Do you dress true to a period? Is this vintage piece a wardrobe staple or is it something that only comes out for special occasions? Do tell!

Instructions: Submit your link to the widget below by July 11th. Submissions must have a link to IFB in them in order to be featured in the roundup.


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10 Responses

  1. Debbie Baker Burns

    I’m still grieving the 50’s prom dresses that I used to dress up in when I was a little girl…why didn’t I keep those!
    Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  2. Rizuna Swon

    That’s it! I always love vintage outfits :’)
    got this theme a year ago for a school graduate’s album
    100% Nerd