Daily Inspiration: It does not matter how slowly you go…


This is my mantra whenever I'm doing something strenuous, whether it be running or working on a big project, one of the most important things is to keep moving toward the goal. When it gets hard, it's ok to slow down and to do what you can, but stopping altogether sometimes causes more problems than it solves. When you stop running, it's harder to start up again once you got it in your mind you can stop. When it comes to blogging, it's harder to jump back into your groove when you've taken an extended break. Trust me, I know… after being gone for the last six weeks, I've gotten rusty with the blogging, and that “break” I took with The Coveted has been going on since February.

It's ok to slow down, blogging is not a race. But be very careful when you decide to stop, because it could end up lasting longer than you think.

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  1. Starbrille

    I totally agree. Once you are motivated and in the groove its hard to stop. I give myself a goal each week that way I can evaluate myself at the end of each week