IFB Project #104: Share Your Summer Essentials

Great things about summer, the long days, the warm breeze, the lazy days. Things not so great about summer, the unbearable heat, the sunburns,  the humidity, working when it's gorgeous out. But with the heat comes the wardrobe challenges, how do you look stylish when all you can wear is a tank top, shorts and possibly flip flops? (the horror!) What do you wear when the heat hits the streets with a vengeance?

IFB Project #104: Share Your Summer Essentials

Whether it be the perfect summer dress, or your summer beauty routine, this is your week to share what keeps you looking great through the hot summer days.  The top picks will be the most original and fun. So give your essentials a good think, I’m more than certain you have a few secrets to share!

Instructions: Submit your post below by July 18th, and be sure to include a link to IFB  in your post (else, they can’t be featured in the roundup). And that’s it!

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  1. sanam mohammad

    Hey Jennine, are summer activity posts acceptable for this IFB project?

  2. Safiya

    Now, I’m a little confused…I would love to submit an entry but I don’t know what the next Roundup for July 25th is gonna be (#105). Could any one help me with that? I’d appreciate it :*