Quality Control: How to Think Your Way to Better Blogging

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Bloggers are an incredibly diverse bunch. We're all blogging for different reasons, with different styles, approaches and intentions. For the most part, we're in it for some sort of creative expression – whether that's through writing, personal style, photography, collaboration or something else entirely. Some of us would like to (or do) make money from our blogs; some would like to establish solid relationships with their readership and with brands; others are strictly doing this as a labor of love for themselves. More than anything, the common thread that draws us together (and draws you to IFB!) is the will to grow as bloggers. We are always looking for ways to learn; to improve what we're doing and attract new readers or brands.

With social media and the reality that most of us have job(s)/family/friends/life to balance, that will to work on your blog can get squashed or put aside in favor of more pressing priorities. The concept of quality control has been on my mind a lot lately (you can read some of my personal thoughts on my blog.) In regards to blogging, I mean quality control in the sense of always having that big picture in mind. Information overload washes over us so quickly nowadays, and it can be easy to fall into a blogging rut. Forgetting where you want to go is the fastest way to producing content that might not be your best.

Here are some things to think about to get you in that mind space of doing better.


Whether it's a specific blog post or your blog in general, keep your focus. What did you want to convey in this blog post? I'm guilty far too often of letting myself write a post that talks about a million different things, because my focus is totally lost. Is there a piece in your outfit you wanted to highlight, or a specific topic you wanted to wax poetic on? Ask those questions to help bring you back to the mind frame of creating a beautiful yet concise blog post. For your blog in general, it's common to fall in a blogging rut where we feel like we're just blogging for the sake of blogging – not for producing compelling, standout content. Remember why you wanted to blog in the first place. Channel the energy that got you excited just thinking of what your blog could be like once you created. That's when ideas and great posts can start to flow from you!


New and experienced bloggers alike can always use a little refresh for their blog. Maybe you've been so busy that all you're doing is posting blogs. Take a look at your sidebar, about page, contact info and anything else that surrounds your posts. Is there something that can be changed, added, updated, edited or deleted altogether? All it takes is a few minutes to go through and make sure these supplemental pieces to your blog represent who you are and what your blog is at this very moment.

Let Go

Sometimes we hold onto certain ideas or aspirations for our blog far longer than they actually serve us. Maybe it's a series of posts that used to be popular but just isn't drawing your readers in like it used to. Maybe in our mind we have an idea of our posts being or looking a certain way but it's just too time-consuming. Letting go is the best way to ‘clear the clutter' and help you focus or refresh!


Your knowledge, that is. Is there something you're seeing other bloggers doing that you want to learn, try or someday experience? Or are there skills you want to develop that will help you be a better blogger over time? From improving your photography and writing skills to exploring new content ideas for your blogs (Telling a story the one standout piece in your outfit or style editorials vs. just an outfit post? Interviewing designers? Incorporating more video?) There is always something new to learn.

Here at IFB, we look to uplift just as much as we hope to inspire you to be better bloggers. Getting your blog to that next level requires a lot of hard work and quality control. Hopefully these ideas can help jumpstart that focus for you!

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12 Responses

  1. Justine

    These are great tips. I’d like to build a base for my blog before I expand it. But, once I do, I look forward to getting interviews and focusing on subjects that aren’t about just my style.

  2. Ashley "Ashe" Robison

    Yes! (Haha, YES JESS!)
    You know how much I related to your Quality Control post on Fresh Jess, and I feel this one, too. As I’ve struggled with how to grow my blog to match who I am since starting it, Focus & Letting Go ring especially true for me.

    Letting Go is probably one of the hardest things for us to do as bloggers… each project is a labor of love, but that doesn’t always mean that labor loves us back. Learning when to peacefully let go and come to grips with it…. well, I’ll be damned if that isn’t hard, but completely relieving at the same time.

  3. Oh K

    I’m just in the starting stage but I think that focus is a major quality the needs to be considered in all stages. I loved this post, especially the mention of refreshing a small portion of one’s blog – like a banner or side bar.


  4. Erica

    These are great points, especially the tip on refreshing. No matter what I planned on posting I wasn’t satisfied with my blog until I had tried out a few different layouts and fonts. Fonts, I’ve found, can be a big indicator of the intent and style of a blog 🙂

  5. Hey There, Stylish!

    I like this post. Interestingly enough I did a little touching up on my blog yesterday. I’d like to learn how to incorporate more video. I’d even like to take a stab at vlogging, but I’m super camera shy and I’m not sure how to get started. Advice anyone?

  6. Ashley Taylor

    This is a great article. I really want to take a photography class at a local college at some point and maybe HOPEFULLY get to go to Blogcademy one day soon 🙂

    xo Ashley

  7. Jean

    I really love this article, I feel like it actually has *new* information in it – great advice which I will definitely use. Thanks!

  8. Annas

    I really enjoyed the “Let Go” part of your blog. I feel at times we do get stuck with one particular idea, or concept of thinking about something. Letting go of the clutter is a great way to clear your mind and come up with fresh new ideas.