IFB Project Roundup #104: Your Summer Essentials

For those of you bearing the brunt of the heatwave that's crossing the country now (luckily here in San Francisco, our “heatwaves” are a mere 75°)  talking about summer is probably the last thing you want to think about as you're cranking up the AC. That said, hitting the beach wearing cute summer dresses, big shades and floppy hats sounds good any time of year! This week's roundup explored everything you'll need to stay chic in the heat and then some, so pour that glass of iced tea and take a look at the submissions from this week. Below are my favorites…

IFB Project Roundup #104

Likes of Us



Beauty Tidbits


Knocked Up Fabulous


Sugar & Spice





Limited Editionlimitededition

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4 Responses

  1. Gemma Savage

    So many great entries. I look forward to the project round up’s so much as its really interesting to see what everyone comes up with. I think these projects prove how one theme can be interpreted many different ways.


  2. Safiya

    I love to look at the chosen Project Roundup’s and would love to submit something, but I have problems finding out what the next topic is. Is there like a list for the upcoming week/weeks to find anywhere?

  3. April

    So excited to be included in another round-up! And I totally agree with, Gemma…it’s really cool to ‘assign’ one topic and see all the different ways that bloggers interpret it!

  4. Meeta

    Project roundup topics seems very interesting. I love the summer dress especially the green leaf dress. Looks stylish as well as casual and comfortable.