IFB Project #105: What’s Your Signature Color?

red shoes

Do you remember that scene in Steel Magnolias when the Julia Roberts character declared pink to be her signature color? Since then, I wanted a “signature color.” Hey, Julia Roberts was a huge star back then! Anyway, over the years, I ‘ve love pretty much ever color that could exist, but if someone were to ask what my favorite was, it's certainly red. It's played out in my websites as the main color, and in my wardrobe and my lipstick collection, there is a lot of red. I even love red shoes! No matter what's hot for the season!

IFB Project #105: What's Your Signature Color?

Whether it be the color you are known to wear most often, your favorite color, or if you're the one who loves whatever the hot color of the season is, share it in a post! It can be an outfit post, a collage or a video, what ever best suits your posting fancy!

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10 Responses

  1. Jaleesa

    Fabulous idea using a service that displays a photo! I’m excited to see everyone’s posts this week!!

  2. Kathleen Lisson

    I love how those red shoes have low heels – I could actually wear them! Thanks for this project – I love cream for the summer! So Gatsby.


  3. Chelsey

    I love the new link layout! So much easier to see everyone’s posts

  4. Sami {Poor & Pretty}

    I’d love the new linking method – if I could get it to work! I’ve tried in three browsers – Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (all on a Mac), and I get weird errors. I can type in the URL of my blog post, but I have to click tab to get to the other two fields (name and email), and I can’t click the “Next Step” button or “try here” link. It’s as if everything below the URL field is broken or inaccessible. Just thought I’d comment in case anyone else is having the same issues!