Switch It Up: Simple Ways to Blog Differently


Many fashion blogs out there are boring these days. Yep, I said it. There's a clear recipe the blogger sticks to – everyday outfit photos followed by short, fluffy commentary; cute but meaningless photo collages of clothes they want – and that's it. Besides the ability to stand out, switching up what's in your posts is the best way to stay invigorated and motivated to blog.Β Last week, I talked about quality control in how you think about your blog. Putting time and thought into various aspects of your blog will almost always lead to creative new ideas and the itch to make some improvements or changes. When you've been bitten by the inspiration bug that fills you with those new ideas, the next logical step is to take action. This is where a lot of that momentum falls off – you get distracted or busy with work or life again, and never get a chance to bring your blog ideas to life. Or for the sake of “going through the motions” to have posts up consistently, you fall right back into that blogging rut of the same kinds of posts over and over again.

Changing the way you blog doesn't have to be a sweeping, overnight change. There are simple ways you can do things a little differently, that can make all the difference to reignite your readers, potential brand interest and most importantly, yourself when reading your blog.

Change your scenery

They say a change in scenery is the best way to reconnect with your passions. Take your outfit shots in a totally new scene. Take your laptop with you from your normal blogging spot to a new coffee shop or room in your house. Leave your laptop at home and take a journal with you on your next trip to get some good ‘offline blogging' in. Taking yourself out of your element and into something different can be all it takes to invite new ideas in, from ways to style your outfit shoots to new words and ways to tell your story.

Highlight your hobby

This year, I've made health and fitness a big part of my life. I've invited my blog readers on this journey of new workouts and changes to my diet by incorporating more ‘lifestyle' posts into my editorial calendar. So far, I've seen my audience open up to me in ways they hadn't before, and have attracted new readers along the way. Whether it's cooking, dancing, traveling, or even a new social media habit like pinning or Instagram, I highly encourage you to start sharing your hobbies and interests on your site. You'll find it's a lot easier to relate them back to fashion and personal style than you might think! For me, health and fitness has a lot to do with my own personal style. My clothes look better when I feel strong and beautiful on the outside and inside too!

Set a theme

Challenge yourself to explore a weekly theme to switch things up. Let's use outfit posts as our example here. You can take a stab at styling outfits inspired by a specific decade, designer or a legendary fashion icon. You can take inspiration from other bloggers you love to read and recreate an outfit they've put together. Or you can challenge yourself to tackle each of 10 hot seasonal trends (like peplum, leather or that Zara skort that's big right now) in a weekly themed style post. You're still doing outfit posts, but now your readers will see you going outside of your box and getting creative with the various outfits you're blogging about.

Make it a party

We here at IFB are big fans of supporting other bloggers! Collaborations are so great for switching things up and showing your readers other bloggers you're interested in reading too. Perhaps there's a blogger (or several bloggers) whose fashion or writing style you admire. Approach them for an interview, or work on a trade where you both provide a guest post for the other's blog. Help each other style your next outfit shoot, or challenge each other to style a piece the other one chooses. There are so many simple ways to switch things up when you make it a party!


What are other ways you can switch your content up?


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21 Responses

  1. Shaqinah Fakar

    Thank you for such a helpful – and motivational – article! I do agree that outfit posts can get boring over time: it becomes two-dimensional eventually. I started my blog with the intention of creating a lifestyle collective but was struggling with it until I stumbled upon this site (THANK GOOGLE!!!) and its amazing and ΓΌber-helpful articles that nudged me in – what I hope is – the right direction! Thank you IFB!
    Shaqinah x

  2. nikki

    food is a great way to add something different in the blog, or even beauty related stuff. I try to write more engaging things on my blog lately as well, instead of the boring fiff faff ‘I like these aqua jeans’ that I keep reading on many mainstream blogs!


  3. Stephanie

    It’s completely ironic, because I was sitting here in a park brainstorming about what I’m going to try out on the blog this up coming year, because it has officially been online for a year now. This was extremely helpful and motivational for me!

  4. Alex

    I’ve recently added a “collaboration” page on my blog where other bloggers can contact me if they’re interested in being a guest blogger. I’m offering 3 slots/month if anyone is interested, visit http://www.bronzedsundaze.com for more details! I think this is an awesome way to engage your readers while simultaneously helping each other get more traffic. Great article!

  5. Q

    I think every blog should be individual………. that is easier said than done I know………. but as long as one keeps it true to WHO THEY ARE then that is really an easier path….. unfortunately some blogs think the way to go is too copy what may be the most popular blog out there…… thus making it all the ‘same’


  6. choolee

    i’d love to do the chellange stuff with other bloggers, but unfortunatly there are less austrian blogger and even worse, i dont know anyone personal πŸ™ its so sad that i cant build a relationship with other bloggers.


  7. Paula

    I recently introduced a “Home Baking” segment to my blog calendar where I post photos and the recipe for some baking I’ve done – I got heaps of positive feedback – guess people love sweets.
    I find it helpful to write down inspiration when it hits and then when I make time to blog I can give the idea the attention it needs.
    I love the idea of taking inspiration for outfit posts, I always find myself sartorially inspired BY someone or a TV program so it makes sense to integrate that into your post.

    β™₯ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  8. Celine

    Thanks that was pretty helpful. I definitely need to show a bit more of my personality. πŸ™‚ Relating to people is the best way to make friends and I feel like it definitely is the same case when it comes to blogging !! Great tips !


  9. Kiy

    It’s kind of funny, because I was just discussing this with my boyf last night. When I take the time out to visit other blogs, I can’t help but feel- dare I say it?- BORED. It’s not often that I stumble across a blog NOT filled with OOTD posts. I’m biased, because I don’t exactly consider people who stick to those “bloggers” and that may be due to my love of writing. I’ve spent YEARS building up a voice for my blog before even launching it & I don’t want it to be washed away by just writing commentary on an OOTD. I’ll admit, I kind of feel like my blog won’t get as far as I’d like because the content & my writing style are so different from everyone else’s, but I just refuse to conform. It seems like everyone kind of seeked inspiration from other “fashion bloggers” & said “Okay, this is what I have to do in order for my blog to be successful” therefore, you can feel this sense of repetition throughout the blogosphere & it’s sad. This may be the reason why some say the art of Fashion Blogging is dying.

    Kiy B.

    • moiminnie

      I couldn’t agree more, I feel the exact same way sometimes! But I’d still rather have my unique voice and the way I look at fashion, art and life in general then become “one of many” and lose it all just for the sake of being popular.
      And I always have much more appreciation for people who are going their own way, no matter the trends!

  10. Lizzie

    I really love this article. I especially love what you said about weekly themes. My entire blog model is built on reader-selected weekly themes. What the readers choose is what determines my outfit posts for the week. So far, readers and designers alike love it.

  11. moiminnie

    I’m always looking for ways to change up the content on my blog. I have my constant categories, but like to switch it up from time to time and spice it up a bit! New angles for taking photos, new backgrounds for outfit posts, even new way to edit photos can make it all look fresh and interesting for your readers. Recently I collaborated with an Australian producer and recorded a song, which I later posted on my blog. I was pleasantly surprised with the feedback and support I got from my lovely readers and blogger friends! Never be afraid to share your interests and hobbies with people, they’re reading your blog just because they’re interested in getting to know you! Great article IFB!

    xx, minnie @ http://www.moiminnie.blogspot.com


  12. Brittany La'Vell

    Thank you!
    I’ve just recently began blogging and decided to do OOTD’S since I have been getting a lot of feedback on my style…BUT there are not as many views on my blog as I would like. After reading this I know why… I need to spice it up lol.
    I’m def going to use some advice I found here.
    Thanks again πŸ™‚

    <3 Brittany