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Two of the biggest issues for bloggers are how to reach new readers, and make more money? Maintaining profiles on multiple platforms, keeping up the multiple revenue streams help solve the problems, but with only so many hours in the day, bloggers can only do so much before heads start to spin.

Monogram, launched in May, is a new online magazine network which streamlines the creation of online magazines, allows users to contribute and collaborate with each other, as well as monetize content within the platform and on individual blogs. Bloggers can create content either within the platform or feed it directly from their blogs, taking the duplicate work out of the equation. Already bloggers like Cheetah is the New Black, Style & Pepper, Love Maegan and On The Racks can be found on the platform along with loads of great fashion bloggers.

What are the benefits of Monogram?


You can use Shopstyle & RewardStyle links:

Monogram is integrated with both Shopstyle and RewardStyle so you can use both affiliate companies to add products to your posts without leaving Monogram. Their product search puts your product recommendations into a nicely organized series of thumbnails your readers can click on. No need to create collages, or photoshop and link images for affiliates in your posts, as it's automatic. Monogram has 3-10 times as many product recommendations as an average blog post, which increases your chances of making more money. Monogram is also passing 100% of the affiliate revenue to bloggers.

Monogram is also passing 100% of the affiliate revenue to bloggers.

You can add social media content in a snap:

I use my Instagram pics in my posts a lot. When I do, often times I have to email myself the pic and upload it to the post. It's a four-step, email-download-upload-embed process. With Monogram, you can link your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Vine and YouTube so you can embed images and videos in a single click. It's amazingly fast.

Cross post to your existing WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr blog via Monogram:

Monogram's editor, allows you to create content that can feed into your blog directly. This is good, especially if you are putting together shopping posts and want those nifty thumbnails in your post. All that you need to do is write your post once, and in a few clicks it's in your drafts section on your blog. You don't need to post twice, which helps speed things up!


Monogram's iPhone & iPad App feeds your content to new readers:

Mobile is all the rage these days. Be sure to cover your bases by being present in a mobile friendly platform like Monogram's apps. Content is beautifully formatted and easy to navigate. The perfect way to reach out to browsing mobile users.


Collaborate and Contribute to Monogram's Magazines:

We talk a lot about collaborating and contributing to other blogs here on IFB. What about putting together a magazine with your blog friends by adding your blog content, or seeding the magazine content on your blog? It's a great way to cross promote. You can also contribute to other magazines on Monogram to help get exposure to new readers as well.

Whether you're looking for a way to streamline your affiliate links, looking for new readers or wanting to collaborate with other bloggers, give Monogram a try. If you’re an aspiring blogger or just getting started, Monogram is a great way to get started with far less effort. You can learn more about Monogram here.

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  1. Danielle

    Oh how wondrous! This sounds like something really special, and worth exploring. Thank you for sharing this platform with us.

  2. Corbyn

    Thanks for sharing this great post, I will definitely check this out over the weekend.

    • Leo Chen

      Hi Dosta, ShopStyle commissions will go thru us, then we’ll pass on the revenue to you. We’re working on a dashboard to expose your earnings. Reason we do this is because at higher volumes, we can actually get higher commissions through ShopStyle so you’ll actually make more money. 🙂

  3. Chanel

    Wow. I heard about Glossi and I love it, but I never heard about Monogram. I’m going to have to check it out. Thanks!

  4. Sophie Gardner

    This platform is such an amazing idea and I got really excited and set up my magazine, only to discover you can only add US products (I’m a UK blogger) not sure if I will continue with it as I like to direct my readers to buy the exact products I’m wearing – do you know if they’re going to add UK products as an option? Really hope they do – I’m guessing there will be lots of UK bloggers that want to take part in this! x

  5. Brandy Saldana

    I am using this and loving the site. I submitted my article for The Blogger Contest and it ends tonight! Check out my article and if you like it I’d love if you could favorite, repost, and/or comment. Thank you and enjoy shopping my shoe picks!

  6. Jessica Lauren

    Monogram Mag is certainly a platform worth investigating more. I am curious to see how it evolves as more fashion forward individuals are exposed to it.

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  9. Brandon

    Wow! This makes it 10x easier to find bloggers and designers in the same niche without scouring the depths of the internet. Yet another great and constructive post!

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  11. lavender loafers

    I’ve checked it out and I like it but unfortunately the tool to Search and add product doesn’t work, I select product and press Add to post and it doesn’t work.

  12. Fotografia Ślubna Warszawa

    monogram looks interesting. As a person who take a lot of photographs i know how long it take to upload them online on different portals. If there will be tool which help speed up the process it will be really resourceful.

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