Bloggers, What’s Wrong With a Little Competition?

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In the blogosphere, and, I think, especially in the world of fashion blogging, we're encouraged to think of competition as a bad thing. “Success isn't a race,” is one thing we're told. “Don't compare yourself to others” is another popular phrase, and I'm sure you can think of others. While it is important to do your own thing when it comes to blogging, being a little competitive isn't bad either.

Now I'm not talking about being over-competitive; that's definitely a negative because it can sap your energy and drive people away (among other things). But if you have a competitive nature, or if you just feel more motivated when you think of things as a contest, that can actually help your blog.

Being competitive isn't the same as being jealous or spiteful. A competitive nature basically means that part of what drives is the desire to outperform others, or even to outperform yourself…

Being competitive isn't the same as being jealous or spiteful. A competitive nature basically means that part of what drives is the desire to outperform others, or even to outperform yourself and your previous accomplishments. There's been a lot of research lately on different learning styles and different ways of being motivated. Well, a competitive spirit is just a different kind of motivator. So if you have one (and you know who you are), how can you put that to use for your site? And what are some things to be careful if you tend towards competition?

As mentioned above, let your competitive nature motivate you.

Don't use it as something inherently negative that you need to fix or suppress. It isn't. The drive to write more in-depth articles, to post more frequently, or to learn a new social media platform can help you become a better blogger. Be goal-centered, not people centered. Despite the stigma attached to competitiveness (especially for women), there's nothing wrong with wanting to be the very best at what you're doing. Besides, working against your nature just wastes time and energy, and both are precious things.

Avoid using your competitive nature as an excuse to discredit others.

Sometimes, a competitive spirit comes with a “win at all costs” attitude, and that mindset is a definite downside. An honest game is the best kind of game to play, and if you're starting to feel a little over-competitive, try being more collaborative instead. It's harder to foster ill-will towards people you're working with.

Remember to take the time to relax and breathe.

Sometimes, the internal pressure competitive people put on themselves is greater than the pressure they ever get from others. Don't let your competitive nature turn into insecurity or an inability to find happiness in what you've already achieved. You've already done great things. Remember to take the time to be proud of those too.

Are you a competitive person? Do you think being competitive can help with your blogging? And what advice would you give to other competitive people who blog? Let's do some talking in the comments.

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11 Responses

  1. Christine & Jenna

    a competitive personality often gets too much of a negative connotation, socially. But it can be a good thing. People too often hear “competitive” and think “overbearing” or “aggressive” and that’s not true at all. I agree a competitive spirit is great and gets you far, as long as you aren’t bowling people over!

  2. Krystal Orr

    I have actually been working on becoming a bit more competitive. I was the baby of the family and so I never really got the “competition lessons” that start for most kids at home. I am definitely working on it. I am more of a “Let me help you, we can work together, I’ll share my resources” kinda girl.

  3. Amy

    I agree! I’m the type who’s otherwise very lazy xD Of course, it is discouraging actually when you become really competitive – followers and comments just become numbers, and that’s a trap you shouldn’t fall into.

  4. Aadon Peter

    So true. There is no harm in being a little bit competitive. In-fact it motivates you to do better than others.

  5. Shaqinah Fakar

    I personally think competition in terms of quality is great. Feeling the pressure to churn out good quality posts can only do a blogger good, no? I think the problem arises when the competition turns to quantity – when it’s about the number of followers or number of page views. Most bloggers tend to emulate – or to be brutally honest; blatantly copy – other popular bloggers with the impression that doing that will equate to getting more hits. In actuality, it just makes the blogosphere another layer tepid. Just my two cents! xo

  6. Justy

    Being competitive is somewhat good to me. It boosts energy to accomplish more. Well, it sometimes is merged with being jealousy but yeah, competitive is competitive afterall.

  7. War Julian

    I think ‘studying’ your competitor and outperform them by making YOUR work better is healthy! Most people are never satisfied and again that’s a good thing. It makes everyone go forward and step up their game!

  8. KM Fern

    I am still a newbie when it comes to blogging but I am very competitive in just about anything I am involved with. I think that a competition spirit is a great thing if it empowers you to do better but a bad thing if it makes you feel jealousy or anger. I definitely admire those who seem to truly respond and care about their readers more than those who just want to be popular.