IFB Project Roundup #105: What is Your Signature Color

This week it was wonderful to see everyone's “signature” colors…  many stuck with the cool colors on the color wheel, blue, lavender, navy and black, which makes sense since it's so much easier to pair with the warm colors (and makes me feel silly for going with RED). Anyway… It was wonderful to see everyone's homage's to their favorite colors, some even going as far as showing off their manicures, matching bike, and matching background to show how much love they have for their hue.

It was really hard to pick just five favorites, so be sure to browse around the entries from this week. It's a real treat!

IFB Project Roundup #105: Signature Color!

Miu Koridi


The Style Gallivanter


Healthy Fashionistahealthyfashionista


Fashion is Evolutionfashionisevolution


Fashion Galleria  blogthebutterfly

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  1. Célèste of Fashion is Evolution

    I’m incredibly honored to be chosen. Thank you. Checking out the other awesome posts now.