IFB Project #106: Summer Leather


There's nothing that can bring out a kick-ass vibe like leather. With all the advances in technology (laser cut perforation, paper-thin leather, faux leather) we're seeing a big leather trend this summer. Leather shorts, leather mini skirts, paneled jackets, layering with sheer fabrics, you name it! What's more, is that almost anything can go with leather and it looks great (and makes for some great transitional looks for the upcoming autumn). It's one of the things I can't wait to get back to my pre-baby body to fit back into my leather pants and leather skirts… so this week I'm going to vicariously live through you and ask you to share your favorite leather looks!

IFB Project #106: Share your summer leather look

Got the hots for leather this season? Share it in a post! It can be an outfit post, a collage or a video, what ever best suits your posting fancy!


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  1. Katie

    I love leather in the summer. In the past, leather was a huge no-no in the warmer months, because it sticks and can smell and is just all around bad idea. But, with modern technology and the will of (wo)man, leather and faux leather have become a year round material. From leather pants to leather skater skirts and leather dresses, it’s truly taken on a new form. A form that I particularly love.