5 Social Media Tips to Boost Your SEO


These days, leveraging social media channels to syndicate content from your blog is an important factor for boosting SEO rankings.  According to a recent study, outlets such as Facebook and Twitter are hugely important for SEO ranking.  Here are five top social media channels you should be using on a regular basis:

1. Google+

Since most people conduct online searches via Google, it only makes sense that the social media channel Google+ should be at the top of your list when thinking through links back to your blog.  Be sure to set up a profile for yourself on Google+, start building your following on the channel and posting links back to blog posts on a regular basis.  Since engagement on the channel also contributes to SEO ranking, be sure to leverage best practices such as posting something with a compelling image to boost engagement and drive up +1s and comments on your Google+ page.

2. Facebook

Another top driver for SEO rankings is Facebook – which has innately high search engine authority.  Set up a Facebook page for your blog, grow your following and be sure to post links to blog posts on the social media channel on a regular basis.  Similar to the way you should be posting on Google+, use a compelling image to drive engagement: likes, shares and comments also contribute to your SEO ranking.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a conversational social media tool, but it should also be leveraged as an RSS feed of sorts for your blog content.  Use compelling copy and a shortened link to your blog post to drive traffic back to your blog.  As long as it is relevant to your audience, you can post about your blog posts more than once in a day, and also link back to older content, which also boosts SEO for your blog.

4. Pinterest

The social media community Pinterest is not only a great way to share on-brand visual content, but also to link back to your blog posts and to boost SEO as a result.  To encourage repins, likes and comments on Pinterest, use the most compelling imagery from your blog post and use popular tags to encourage discovery.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only a great way to build your professional network and contacts, but a great way to broadcast blog posts to your professional peers.  Since the social media channel also has great SEO authority, linking out to your blog posts through LinkedIn broadcasts will also build good SEO ranking for your blog.

Do you use any of these social media channels to boost your SEO rankings?  Which ones have been the most useful traffic drivers for the blog?

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38 Responses

    • Kashara | Undiscovered Worth

      When I started blogging, I had a difficult time understanding the whole SEO concept. IFB has some really great articles on SEO. I suggest typing “SEO” into the search bar on the site and reading up on as much as you can. 🙂 xx
      Kashara | Undiscovered Worth

    • Seppy

      It means Search Engine Optimization and from what I understand, it ‘maximizes’ the chances of someone searching for a particular topic on the internet that they will stumble on your blog..in other words, it will increase your chances of your blog being in the top search results.
      I know that IFB has a good article about SEO which I was going to read again to refresh my memory and learn more!

    • Rambo Ruiz

      Two awesome social media platforms that pull traffic to my blog are Google+ and Reddit. And over these two I strongly suggest using Reddit, though usernames are funny, most Reddit users are smart.

  1. Martha

    I use Facebook’s pages almost daily and it shows in my SEO reports.
    I like that it’s easy to use and since most of us are already on Facebook, it’s a great way to reach an audience!

  2. Laura

    Twitter is the one that sends in my readers, and Chictopia comes in second 🙂

  3. Lauren

    Over the past year I’ve been surprised with how much traffic the site gets through Pinterest. Facebook and Instagram are still my most popular sites that I gain traffic through. Tumblr is also one that is not to be ruled out.



  4. Keisha

    I use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Facebook has given me most of my readers. I am still trying to figure out how to maximize my SEO. I dont have Pinterest from the previous comment I may have to consider it.


  5. Lisa

    Just wanted to clarify that although social media is a great tool for your business to gain greater exposure or “customers”, links from these sites do not directly impact SEO (search engine optimization). Meaning your pagerank on the SERPs (search engine results page) will not increase automatically just because a person clicks on a link on FB that directs them to your website. These links are called “no-follow” links, so the crawlers that Google has looking at your site won’t even know that this took place. – SEO specialist Florida

  6. Paula shoe fiend

    I changed my blog over to google+ and immediately started getting four times as many visitors – one of my posts (that’s about 3 months old) still gets hits and comments all the time!
    I have set up a FB page but I NEVER use it so thanks IFB for the encouragement – and I love Pinterest but I’m not too sure how to link that up to my blog :-/

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  7. Ashley Taylor

    Is Google+ still relevant since Google reader shut down?

    xo Ashley

  8. Shaqinah Fakar

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Google+ in terms of getting traffic. So my goal of the week for the blog is definitely to beef up my Google+ page and learn more about it! My social media network for my blog is seriously lacking – I have it separate from my personal ones. Am I going about it the wrong way? Should I in fact be integrating my blog and my personal accounts?
    Thanks for this article! Definitely helps, going to make social media the focus of the week now. xo


    • Barbara

      I have actually linked my Google+ account to my blog so my comments are actually Google+ comments and once I post the share to Google+ share box pops up automatically. Perhaps you should try that for sharing to Google+

  9. Karen Tucker

    I have a Word Press Blog. Does Google+ have blogs too? Sorry probably a dumb question. Also, in Google+ if you have someone in a circle, should you follow them too? The whole circle thing is confusing. Lol

  10. Noemi

    I don’t use any of this social network, shame on me!
    I must be honest, I “opened” a FB page for my blog, but I don’t have hundreds and hundreds of friends so I can’t ask them to become followers. Also, I’ve noticed that some of them, even if I ask them to check my blog, once in a while, always find excuses not to do it. I use Tumblr, and it doesn’t bring so much traffic to my blog, but I love it aniway!
    And I have and Instagram account, because you suggested, and I love it! Even if basically nobody is following me. Am I the only one who follows somebody only because I like his/her account? Many people follow only because they’re expecting you to follow back.
    But after the summer I will definitely work on social networks!

  11. RunwayMonk

    Facebook drives more than half for my blog traffic and my SEO has definitely improved after i had set up my Facebook fanpage. I haven’t used Google+ yet. Will join Google+ soon. 🙂

  12. Narein

    All the social media which you mentioned was good.
    Facebook, Google+, and Twitter mainly used for the brand establishment. And Linked In mainly used for business oriented moves like hiring people.

    Overall, its a good article. Worth spending time in reading…


  13. Juhi

    Hi I have a WordPress blog….how can I incorporate google+ in it? Apologies if it’s too dumb a question

  14. Matthew Pike

    I started posting my new posts on Linkedin and I was surprised at seeing people liking them, worth a go I’d say. Pinterest has been good for me too.

  15. Barbara

    I use all of them with the exception (I use that for strictly work related things especially since I handle Social Media for the office and Clients). I also don’t do twitter often enough as well as Pinterest.
    I really should step up on my Social Media sharing.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  16. Shug Avery

    Currently learning about SEO to boost my traffic on the blog and make it easier to find so all these advices will be kept in mind. I’ve always been concentrated on my content but never that much about SEO because I assumed that if I produced good content I would have the readers finding it. So I just posted on Twitter and FB without really paying attention of doing it intelligently.

    Thank you for always producing such helpful content !

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  17. Jeson Tailor

    The Social media is very important way to promote since Social media expands your exposure, increases traffic to your site, creates interest in what you sell, and gives you the opportunity to offer promotions or specials to seal the deal. The social media site Pinterest is a great example of how social media can help you meet revenue goals.

  18. Krish

    Of course Social networking site is the best way to spread our thoughts and comments. Among these I think fb and twitter can provide better social ranking. The news provided on the concerned blog was very useful and something can be known from this.
    Thanks a lot once again!!!!!!

  19. SEO in Dubai

    SMM (Social Media Marketing) is the best way to promote your business in SERPs. The Social Media Networks (Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus) are the major platforms to get targeted audience to your website. Finally, thanks for sharing a useful post.

  20. WilliamJohn

    Thanks a ton for sharing interesting post on Social Media. This is very informative. Social media is playing vital role in SEO. This will help to increase ranking in SERPs, create brand awareness, instant backlinks and traffic to the website.

  21. Michael

    Facebook and Twitter are a given, but Google + has really started to come into it’s own in 2013. With the new vanity URLs for Google Plus Pages, G+ now has the potential to have a bigger SEO effect than any other social media platform. I’ve been actively engaging in in G+, and have seen very good SERPS increases as a result.

  22. John Smith

    Thanks for the informative post, Most of us know that social media helps in SEO and drawing organic traffic to the website and blog, but it is very difficult to figure out how to utilize these social networking site efficiently for the SEO and content marketing purpose, this post has given us a right idea to utilize the social networking site in a best way.

  23. Alex

    Dont forget Tumblr!
    Its also good Source for Traffic and Backlinks.
    Create a Subdomain tumblr.yoursite.com and upload Quality Content 😉

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