Are You Being Good to Your Blog Advertisers?


As you move forward toward transforming your blog into a revenue stream, advertisers are often a key component of that success. It's important to make sure that your advertisers are seeing the value of paying for placement on your site so that they continue to advertise with you. In marketing we often talk about under-promising and over-delivering, or aiming to “surprise and delight,” our clients and their customers. So, as you grow relationships with advertisers, it's worth asking yourself how you can do the same.


A great way to build relationships with advertisers is by providing an incentive when they purchase multiple months. For example, you could offer a month for free when they pre-pay for three months. This is great for you because it gets more money into your pocket faster, and a great value-add for your advertiser.

Social Promotion

In addition to paying for space on your site, can you also include a few shout outs via social media each month to your sponsors? It takes just a few seconds but is a great way to raise awareness of sponsor social media accounts and another way to provide more value.

Sponsor Spotlight

While traditional blog advertisers usually exist on the sidebar, you could do a quick write up of your sponsors in a blog post, as a thank you each month. This gives advertisers a way to reach blog readers who read your site via RSS (and rarely make it to your actual website).

Beyond Banner Ads

The next time a prospective advertiser contacts you about rates, consider a paid editorial post instead. You want the experience of working with brands and many brands will appreciate you coming to them with additional ways to get their name in front of your audience. Or, consider creating a piece of branded content that the advertiser can take and share with their customers and across social platforms.


Are you sending advertisers reports of how their ads are performing on your site? Different ad servers and plugins will provide information on impressions, clicks and more. By sending these reports to advertisers you can quantify the value to continuing to work together.

What are some other ways you can think of to build strong relationships with your advertisers?


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8 Responses

  1. Angie Nelson

    I have found offering those social shoutouts to be a big draw to advertisers and continuing the promotion beyond the initial post or ad also helps. A little personal service and attention goes a long way in a highly competitive space. It can really make you stand out.

  2. Barbara

    This is a really nice to-do. I don’t have sponsors on my site yet but these are enough of an incentive to get them to want to advertise on it.

    Lagos, Nigeria