IFB Project Roundup #106: Summer Leather

Holy smokes! There were so many hot mamas (and a papa) in this project! I had an idea that it would be a great project, but it was SO hard to decide (and some I just wanted to get some new blood in the roundup, so some of you regulars, it's certainly not that I didn't love your submission!) Anyway… even though the summer's reached some record breaking heatwaves, that hasn't stopped anyone from wearing leather and looking smoking hot yet unbelievably cool. It'll make anyone want to get into the leather look, for sure.

IFB Project: Summer Leather

Not So Naked


The Fashionate Fotobug


Month of Juli


Fashion Runs the World

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 10.15.24 AM


Laura Wears:






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