Blogger FOMO: Turning Your Fear Into Fire


How many times have you found yourself saying “Ugh, I'm so jealous (insert blogger name) is at (insert blogger conference or event here)!”  In fact, I'm filling in for Ashe today, who's wrapping up an amazing weekend at Texas Style Council, something I wish I'd gone to! We've all felt those pangs of longing while scrolling through tweets and Instagrams of our favorite bloggers having the time of their lives at an event we wanted to go to. Social media often acts as an accelerator for that FOMO (fear of missing out.) Although we've got our own busy lives, we feel like we're missing something valuable by not being there.

Jealousy and FOMO are totally normal, common feelings – but when they dominate your thoughts or actions, they do far more harm than good. To think of it differently, the time spent thinking about what we're missing takes away time from actually working on our own blog. We don't want that! Here are a few ways you can harness your emotions and turn them into fuel to fire up your blog.

Get yourself there next time.

More often than not, there's a next time for that blogger conference or event you wish you would've attended. FOMO be gone – when you do your best to make sure you're there next time! Do your research on that event and see what it'll take of you to attend. Follow the conference organizers via social media or email newsletter. Make a note of the time of year that conference takes place. Budget how much it'd cost to attend (including any airfare, hotel, food and activities you might need to do around the conference.) Next year, you can get ahead of the game by registering as soon as you can.

Find an alternative.

There are events and conferences popping up everywhere, and if you're feeling FOMO on some good networking or learning from great speakers, you may not have to look as far as you think to find a suitable alternative. Check the event speaker list, and if any of them pique your interest, Google them to see if they're speaking at another event soon. You can also search for blogger and tech conferences in or near your area. If there's nothing that speaks to you – you might even think about getting a few local bloggers together over happy hour or at a cafe to talk (blog) shop!

Make friends.

FOMO doesn't have to be a passive observation of the events as they happen. Use that time instead to reach out to and have conversations with attendees and organizers. Are your favorite bloggers at a fun event or conference? Ask them what their favorite parts of the event are so far. Congratulate conference organizers on their event, and let them know you're keeping an eye out so you can attend next time. If there's a local event you weren't invited to, you can find out who the PR contact is and inquire about being added to their media list.

Brainstorm your FOMO away.

There's nothing that can fuel a creative brainstorming session like a little (good) competitive nature. The time you might've spent feeling one way or another about missing out on an event can be used to update your editorial calendar or content idea bank. You can also take a look at a few sites of the bloggers in attendance at said event. What do you like about their blogs that you might want to incorporate into your blog, in your own way? Be inspired by, not jealous of, other bloggers!

Refresh yourself – offline.

Sometimes I get social media FOMO and it doesn't even need to be an event! When it seems like everyone is out enjoying the beautiful summer weather or getting a great workout in, that's usually a good indicator for me to get off the smartphone/tablet/computer and do something offline. Instead of spending time feeling like you're missing out on something, dive into something you love to do – cooking, going for a run, reading a book or catching up with friends and family in person.


What are other ways you turn FOMO into a positive motivator?

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6 Responses

  1. CynthiaCM

    What about not being approached to organize events? The blogging world around here can be really cliquey and because I’m not at the same events all the time, or, perhaps I’m not a “me, me, me” blogger (i.e. those with 40% or more of posts featuring photos of them), I’m never asked to participate in creating/hosting events. Nor am I given preferential treatment at larger events, despite being a blogging veteran – I’ve been in the blogging world for more than four years (nearly six if you include the first 18 or so months where I basically didn’t ask for media passes, etc…), including the Prospere Magazine era, yet at some events, I’m sent up to the nosebleeds. People claim that they’ve “heard” of me, but I’m not sure if they really mean that or not. Gets. So. Annoying.

    As for not being at certain events, yeah…it bugs sometimes, but then you realize that by NOT being there, you’re not publishing the same thing everyone else is. But you might not end up in the society pages, either.

    • Peach Black

      I don’t think you should wait for others to invite you to participate in creating an event, I think you should create your own event, and since you are a ”veteran” I think many people would respond to your invites to participate in organization with you.


  2. Elizabeth McKinnon

    You are so right, I been sitting on the side line wanting to attend NYC Fashion Week for years and I am finally going. Only because I was ahead of the game, and booked early.. OMG I will be there…