4 Alternative Ways to Introduce Yourself & Network at Blogging Events


As Jess mentioned earlier this week, I spent the weekend at Texas Style Council.  It was my first year attending, my first large-scale blog conference, and to be honest, the prospect of it was REALLY overwhelming.

Especially when you're pretty introverted.

Which I am. (No, really, I am! Once I feel comfortable, I'm a pretty open book… but getting there? I'm a little hermit crab.)

When you're trying to network, it's easy to fall back on opening lines like, “What's your blog?” or “I love your shoes/purse/shirt/hair!”  But that doesn't always make you memorable, and a lot of times, once that conversation is over, you're left going…. Well shit, now what do I say?

So here are a few clever ways that I found people began conversations while we were there, and that left a lasting impression on me.

Did You Do This?…

“Did you actually bring your tripod for this panel?”  This was one of the most memorable introductions I had at Texas Style Council.  We were getting ready to go into Delightfully Tacky's Self-Photography class.  And you know what?  The conversation was great.  We discussed the pros and cons of whether or not to bring it (or why we didn't), and this led into other conversation topics.  Once you get the conversation flowing about something thoughtful and meaningful, it's super easy to transition it into other topics.

Just be sure to interrupt it at some point and say, “Oh, by the way, I'm Ashley!”

“That was the dress I dropped off! I was wondering who got it…”

My best friend, Mallory, used this line as an introduction at the swap.  She was wondering who had gotten her gorgeous Trashy Diva dress, and when I spotted it in a gal's hands, Mallory bee-lined over.  It happened again as Mallory picked up a Babysitter's Club book — it became a conversation starter with Linda, one of the conference organizers, who we'd met earlier in the day.

This is a great way to meet people because you instantly have something to bond over – a great item of clothing, a book, shoes, or whatever.  This can lead into a bigger and longer conversations like, “How do you want to style this?” or “Have you read any other books by AUTHOR?”

OMG, you were so cute at X,Y,Z!

This happened a lot to Mallory on Sunday at the conference — she'd TORN up the dance floor Saturday night, and so many people came up to comment on it.  This is to say, be yourself in your favorite environment.  People will take notice, and use it as an excuse to come up to you. 

(This isn't to say get super wasted/ or act like a diva, but if you're giving networking and mingling time, play up your best assets.  Be memorable.  But if you can tear up a dance floor– do it!)

Be an Instagram Ninja (or Stalker).

I was KIND of hypnotized by a blogger's shirt during a class. She had no idea I was sitting behind her, but I took a picture of her shirt, tagged in with the #TXSC13 hashtag, and would you know… another conference member recognized the shirt and tagged the blogger.  Then the blogger commented!

I was worried I'd seem creepy, but she was flattered someone liked the shirt so much, that another blogger recognized her, and that it all trickled its way back.

So… if you're shy, sometimes the power of social media can help you say hello (when you're too shy to just tap them on the shoulder & compliment their shirt.


All right ladies and gents — I know I'm not the only one who has attended a conference (and perhaps some of you were also at TXSC – hello! Sorry I missed you!).  Let me know some clever, memorable, or alternative ways you'd said hello! to your fellow bloggers that left an impact.

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5 Responses

  1. Barbara

    I am the first and I have never been to a blogger conference, lol.
    I have been to various events though where I either seem like the newest kid on the block because I don’t know anyone or they are just mean fake snobbish people (or genuine snobbish people perhaps) and I never know what to say, how to meet new people, least of all talk about my blog.
    Yes, I am a blogger but I abhor going out to events and innate shyness ( and the fear of being ignored or rejection) doesn’t help matters either.
    I must try to shake it off in person and that is also one of the reasons I try to meet as many people as I can online and so when I meet them in person it is so much easier to bond.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  2. Matthew Pike

    It’s not the easiest but I found myself going down the “oh yeah I saw that ok “x” network, is that you?”. Not on purpose most the time but it works.

  3. Ashley

    Gah, I’d love to be able to go to a conference soon. Although, I think I’m scheduling a little meet-up in Cincinnati in the next month or so 🙂 I am now terrified. What do you say when you’re hosting one?!

  4. Dolna

    Thank you for this post! I am also extremely insecure when it is about networking personally and the reason is my age (middle thirties). I manage SILKsofine.com and I am very proud of our development, but to take this important step like making personal connections with other bloggers is scary. Cause everyone is just soooo young – which I adore btw. But reading posts like this motivates me to do it. So thank you. I might go with an opening line like “wow you seem to be so young for such a sophisticated styling! Where is your inspiration coming from?” 😀