IFB Project Roundup #107: Printed Matters

I know every week I say it's hard to decide which ones to feature for the roundup, but this week was ESPECIALLY hard. Please do check out the full submissions, because there are some absolutely wonderful submissions this week with prints. What's that say about us? We like things a little more festive than to douse ourselves in solids day in and day out. This week, there were almost every kind of print you can imagine, and what's more everyone looked like they were having fun wearing them, it's like the print brought the festivities out in our souls or something. Or something!

Anyway, without much further ado! The roundup!

Printed Matters



What, When & Wearabouts




Chic Black Chick  chicblackchic


I'd Absolutely Love Toidabsolutelyloveto


… and a few honorable mentions!


Our beloved  Ashley Robison on her blog, Dramatis Personae ashe

Holy moly! That not only takes talent to juggle, but to catch the fruit perfectly like that AND looking soo good! on Miu Koridi


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  1. ModaVracha

    I was really excited to see my photo as the first one..Thank you so much for choosing my post!