Just Shut Up and Blog

fashion bloggerIf you do something new on your blog and don't announce it, did it ever happen? If you don't tweet about it, did it exist? As bloggers, we're used to conducting our business out in the open, but when is it time to just shut up and blog?

I've always been the type of person to generally keep my head down, stay focused and work really hard to achieve my blogging goals, but there's also a perception that you need to make THE MOST NOISE to be THE MOST successful blogger. Not true. Of course, success is relative (you should set your own standards for YOUR success), but you'll come closer to achieving it doing the hard work and focusing; just talking about your success doesn't make it so.

Some of my favorite ways to just shut up and blog:

Don't make big announcements

If you decide to do something BIG on your blog or make a change, just do it, don't ANNOUNCE that you're doing it. I've seen this so many times, and there's always a backlash because either the blogger doesn't follow through, or whatever she did couldn't possibly live up to the hype. Make the changes, add the new section, or whatever, and mention later: “Hey, I did this for the blog, hope you like it!”

Not only do you frustrate your readers by promising something that may or may not happen, or may or may not be as AMAZING as you made it sound, you're putting a lot of additional pressure on yourself. If you want to start taking advertising on your blog, just do it quietly (don't ask readers to click on your new ads!!) and deal with feedback later. Cut back on blogging, change your focus, whatever you need to do, but do it first, ask questions later 🙂

Don't Apologize

I first read this advice in CopyBlogger or ProBlogger I think, but it has stuck with me for many years: don't apologize for not posting daily, or if you miss a week, just get back into the groove. You don't HAVE to explain why you haven't posted in a few days, just start posting again. If you're like me and you share a lot on your blog, mention that you're going on vacation or need to take some time off, or whatever, but don't apologize when you return for actually doing it. You're allowed to have a break without apologizing for it…

Don't read other Fashion Blogs

Unless they inspire you, teach your something, or make you happy. Absolutely do not read other fashion blogs to scope out your competition, because you feel like you “have” to, or because everyone else does. And especially don't read fashion blogs that make you feel like you're not good enough, that you have achieved enough, or aren't successful enough. I stopped reading most fashion blogs years ago and couldn't be happier. Of course, I've added some back in, but only those I can relate to and find meaning in.

Blogger envy and FOMO can be touchy subjects, and it's easy to say “don't be jealous” or “don't judge her life” or whatever. But the fact is, we all have moments when we compare our lives to others, which NEVER ends well. If you're constantly reading a blog that makes you feel bad about yourself or your blog, STOP READING IT. Sure, you could take that and use it as inspiration, but honestly, there are better places to find inspiration.

Your success is yours to create and manage. End of story. If reading other fashion blogs keeps you from finding your own way, just don't.

Save the Drama

No one likes a drama queen (unless that's your persona)…don't over-dramatize every issue in your life ALL OF THE TIME. First, your readers don't care that much, and second, it gets tiring. In this day and age of blogs and social media, we spend most of our lives online, and get to know people in ways we never imagined (or wanted), so don't make your life out to be OMG THE BEST EVER because it's not. And we know it.

Don't spend too much time on Social Media

Jennine covered this wonderfully earlier in the week, but it's always worth repeating: your blog is your home, that's where most of your investment should be focused, not on social media.

Do you tend to keep your head down and blog? How have you done it?

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29 Responses

  1. Lynn Leggat

    I’m new to blogging and this feels like sound advice so I’ll bear it in mind as I get more commitments and start to feel under pressure to perform.

    • Emily Friday

      Good on you for reading this before you properly start then! I wish I had seen something like this soon because I made all these mistakes when I first started blogging haha. Good luck with your blog! x

  2. Cathy Benavides

    When I first started blogging, I pretty much did the opposite of this….. and got miserable and burned out. This is great advice, especially for long-term blogging. If you turn it into a massive and dramatic production, you’ll tire of it quickly. And really…. who has time to read a million other fashion blogs??

  3. Monica

    Great advice & it’s actually what I started doing years ago. Never compare your blog to others so I too tend to skip reading blogs in the same genre.

  4. dacy

    the piece of advice about not reading other blogs in your area is good stuff, something i was slowly coming to realize…

  5. Ayesha

    I dunno, my life is pretty awesome…

    I don’t brag about it, but that last line felt a bit abrasive… I am blessed to do some pretty cool stuff.

  6. Brandy Saldana

    Some interesting tips! I’ll make sure to announce I’ll be going on vacation in September instead of apologizing for not posting after. Now it seems silly to me that I ever apologize b/c sometimes a break does me, and my blog, more good than anyone might realize.


  7. Banx

    Good advises but I disagree with ‘Dont read other fashion blogs’ I think blogging is a community and you need to support each other. Most blogs get comments and visits from fellow bloggers of the same genre, do if you are a blogger and looking to grow your blog and get into the community, I think visiting other blogs is a good idea, so long as you don’t let them intimidate you or become negative or hateful.


  8. Rebeca Muñoz López

    I think it’s good advice not to compare to other blog because success is usually on in the blogosphere, I am happy for the achievements on my blog, I have an audience that keeps coming back and is interested in the things I post.


  9. Brittany Randi

    This is very good advice! I did the opposite of these things with a couple of other blogs I started and ended up getting frustrated and walking away from the blog completely. I have now started over and I think it’s essential to stick by these rules as a new blogger especially the not reading other blogs that make you feel inferior part.


  10. Lily

    I tend to read other successfull fashion blogs…and i always end up feeling bad..:S and now that you mention that it makes me stop thinking about what to do with my blog because i feel that anything i may do won´t be as cool as other blogs… I´ll follow your advice!! thanks 🙂

  11. Emily Friday

    Oh gosh, I was pretty much face-palming my way throughout this whole article. I’ve realised I DO most of these things!! I am definitely guilty of always apologising when I’ve not blogged frequently, even though I don’t even get many readers currently, it’s just something I’ve always felt like I had to to do, like ‘omg she didn’t post today she doesn’t take this seriously’ haha.

    And I’m so glad you mentioned the part about comparing yourself to other bloggers. I do this all the time also and it’s only now I’ve realised how unhealthy it is and how much it’s holding me back. There’s one blog I’ve been reading lately, and it is good, 5000 plus followers, but all I do is compare. I get jealous of the layout, the writer, her success, her posts, everything.

    But anyway, I’m going to make sure I put a stop to it now. Focus on myself for a while and only read blogs that genuinley uplift me!

    Thank you 😀

    Emily x


  12. Natalie Salinas

    I looooove reading fashion blogs but I try to not compare my blog with others. I get a lot of inspiration from them about topics, trends, even outfits =) but I think this particularly advice depends on the person.

  13. Erica Laudon

    So true about focusing on your brand identity as a blog and your writing. I tend to get a little insecure about my photos not being up to par to professionals who have super expensive cameras and professional training. I still love what I do and I hope I am creating content that is useful and relevant for many women who are going to be mothers of the bride or mothers of the groom. XOXO

  14. Leandri

    This is pretty awesome advice, I think it’s time I need to refocus the way I manage my blog..

  15. Sarah

    I love this post. Very down-to-earth advice thats much needed in the fashion blogging world! The bit about FOMO and reading other fashion blogs was super relevant to me, except, as applied to Facebook stalking photogenic people 😛


  16. Hazel

    I nodded in agreement throughout this post. I hope you don’t mind but I’ll be linking through to this in a post coming soon…

  17. Luz

    Wow! I felt such a release when I read the “Don’t read other fashion blogs” part!
    In my first couple of years as a blogger I would visit many fashion blogs, and it got to a point that visiting some of them would leave me feeling frustrated or even thinking that I wasn’t good enough.
    So I did stop reading half of those blogs, even though I would still hear or read from those blogs trough other bloggers, it was much of a relief but I did influence negatively on what used to be an active part of my blog: the personal style pictures.
    The amazing quality of pictures seen in other blogs, and the gorgeous looks of the mostly younger than me bloggers left me feeling a bit insecure about posting my pictures. I even refused to use my lookbook account for a couple of years!
    But now I’ve decided to get back it, not as a competition, but as a way to have fun and express myself. 😀
    Thanks for the advice Grechen!! It brought a smile to my face!!

  18. Desiree

    This is a fantastic post IFB, such good advice and I’m so glad you included things like: stop apologising and don’t make big announcements, just get on with it! It’s YOUR blog, you don’t have to explain it away. Nice one. xo

  19. CarlitaM

    This is great advise since I just started and I can get distracted reading or comparing my blog with others that have obviously been doing it for way to long. This has made me realize where I need to focus more and stop worrying about certain things like social media and such.

    Good stuff Grechen!