IFB Project #108: Moment on the Lips


The very first time I bought makeup was a big deal for me. My mom didn't let me wear makeup until I turned 15, and by that point all the girls in school were already pros when it came to putting on their makeup (as much as you can get in high school). I had wanted to wear makeup since I found out it existed, which is to say… as long as I can remember. So the first thing I bought, was special. It was a red lipstick by Elizabeth Arden called “Red Door.” Hey, it was 1990. Anyway, since then I've been obsessed with having the perfect shade of lipstick… and it's one of my favorite things to shop for.

IFB Project #108: What's your favorite lipstick at the moment?

We don't do a whole lot of beauty projects here on IFB, but this one is a fun one… I spotted this wonderful display of different colors on Tres Plus Cool and thought it was time to do a lipstick post for the season. Readers of fashion bloggers love lipstick posts as well, because it's relatable and you know, easy for them to check out themselves (easier to pick up a lipstick than a handbag right?).

This week share your favorite lipstick! Bonus points for creativity… because sometimes it can be a little hard to tell one lipstick from another.

Image from Tres Plus Cool

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21 Responses

  1. Yna

    Ooh this is a fun project. Definitely gonna squeeze it into my editorial calendar. For now, you guys can feel free to enter my blog’s August giveaway to win some chic clothes! Click here to enter.

  2. CynthiaCM

    August 15 or August 13? Are we submitting for Thursday instead of Tuesday now?

  3. Eclectic Models

    Such a cute photo! I’m loving coral and bring pinks for summer!