How to Blog When You’re Stressed Out

stressed out

For those of you who grew up in the Saved by the Bell era, I've been referencing the Jessie Spano caffeine pills episode a LOT lately. For those of you who didn't, basically I'm saying I'm feeling stressed out beyond control. Jessie turned to caffeine pills; I've got coffee and more coffee on my side. For both of us, there's a point in the episode of life where we say ‘enough is enough' and take the steps needed to get back on course.

Have you ever felt that way when you look at your blog? 

“I've got all this work I need to do, and I have to go to this event, then I've got dinner with my family the next night…when am I ever going to blog?” I've been too busy with work to write a blog post lately, and it's weighing on me. It's only been a couple of days, and still it feels like one more heavy boulder in the ever-growing pile of things I need to do.

Blog posts are incredibly hard to write when you're stressed out. If you're doing an outfit post, it can be that much more stressful to pull your outfit together, arrange a photographer, take the time to do a shoot, edit photos, write, fill in your affiliate links and whatever else you need to do. If you're struggling with finding not just the time, but the right frame of mind to write a good blog post, I've got some tips for you.


Breathing is the one life process we unconsciously suppress when we need it most. Just like in yoga, meditation or your favorite workout, your breath can be the essential piece you need to find peace and serenity. Take a few deep breaths – see how your shoulders relax a bit just from that? Your to-do list doesn't own you, and neither does your editorial calendar. Focus on the pace and depth of your breathing, and see how much easier it is working through your stress.

One Thing at a Time

Somewhere along the line, we became a society that prides itself on multi-tasking. When you throw in social media distractions, how much are you actually getting done when you're trying to tackle five things on your to-do list at once? Make time for that next blog post – then focus on the task on hand.

Go to Your Happy Place

Literally. Figuratively. Go to your happy place, whether that's your favorite coffee shop or your favorite room in the house. Light a candle. Make yourself a cup of tea. Put on your favorite playlist. I've talked a lot about getting out of your comfort zone to find inspiration, but sometimes you need to get right into your most comfortable place to relax and focus on that next post.

Write About What's Really On Your Mind

In other words, don't force yourself to write about something just because you think you should, or because it was on your editorial calendar. Who's looking at that calendar besides you anyway? It's a thousand times more difficult to write about things you aren't connecting to right in that moment. I'm not saying you should write about how awful your day was or how much you wish there were twice as many hours of the day – you can just relate what's going on in your life to your normal themes. For example, a Polyvore collage of your style essentials when you've got 5 minutes to get ready, or a comfortable but stylish look that will take you through a full day at work and a night out at events or dinner.

Plan Ahead

If you know your schedule's going to be crazy for the next few days or weeks, you can get ahead of your editorial calendar by writing and scheduling a few posts ahead of time. Just remember to promote them when they do post, and check your comments after the post has gone live.


Sometimes it's just best not to write a blog post at all. When whatever's on your plate commands every single minute of your waking hours, there's no way you'd write anything coherent or relevant anyway. What's important is being okay with that. Don't be so hard on yourself, or perhaps adjust your editorial calendar so that you can plan ahead and get excited for when you do write that next post.


We all have stressful times in our lives, but that doesn't mean our blogs need to suffer. Do you have any tips for blogging when you're stressed?

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12 Responses

  1. Nadya Helena

    I don’t know about other people, but for me, the last piece of advice is the best one. Not blogging when we’re too packed with life problems is a good thing. I often try to squeeze in blogging time whenever possible, only to either delete or abandon the post the next day because the post really didn’t deliver what I wanted to express.

    But sometimes inspiration comes when your life is jam packed or when we’re flat out bored, so who knows? 🙂

    eyeshadow illustrator

  2. Hope Howland

    This couldn’t be more right on ! I’ve been experiencing similar things and well, it’s ok! Roll with it… and in the end it will all shake out… I just wrote a blog post about very similar things…

  3. Ashley "Ashe" Robison

    I’m so glad you said “Don’t.”

    So often, I feel like we get the message to keep blogging no matter what, that taking time off will hurt, etc…

    And the fact is, sometimes we really need someone else to give us permission NOT to.

  4. Carol

    For me, I find that I put myself in a stressful situation when in reality there isn’t one.

    For example, I impose deadlines on myself to post a blog post x times a week or to post one tomorrow as I have planned for it.

    However, I’ve learnt that the world won’t end if I don’t post a blog post tomorrow. Blogging should be fun, whilst making some money on the side.

    Sometimes we need to step away from the computer. It’s like when you cook in bad mood. The food doesn’t taste as good as if you put your heart and soul in it.

  5. Oh K

    I think the last tip is the best. Sometime I want to crank out content and save it for a rainy day. But I always remind myself that QUALITY > QUANTITY.

    So a break is always needed. Hitting a keyboard 24/7 can get robotic and stressful, especially when you’re not reaching a goal. Stress! Sighs help me.

  6. Camille Sioco

    I love this advice! I’ve been blogging when I’ve been stressed and learned to just calm down and leave the blog and choose quality>quantity 🙂

  7. Barbara

    There was once a time in my life when I just couldn’t write anything. Call it writer’s block or stress but my mind and brain just couldn’t team up to create something worthy of the blog. The more I tried, the harder it got.
    I can’t remember how but I got through that phase and promised myself to never let myself get that bad again and so have resorted to your last 2 nuggets of advise Jess – Plan Ahead & Don’t.
    Now, I prefer to either sit for a whole day and schedule a whole month’s worth of posts or I simply don’t write at all. So far, it has been highly beneficial for me and has taken my blogging to a whole new level.
    Stress is painful. I don’t think I want to go there again.

    P.S. Wish I knew how to mentally go to a happy place. I never really rest even though I am always calm. Is there a technique for it? How does one find a happy place?

    Lagos, Nigeria

  8. Nasreen

    love how you ended it with “Don’t”. it’s so true, sometimes you need to just stop, breathe, and then get back into the groove instead of squeezing it in every time you get a break. If you do that, you’re good content could suffer.