Bringing Gratitude to your Blog


I've been trying to build a daily gratitude practice into my life. Trying is the operative word here, I haven't fully succeeded yet, but my goal is to take time everyday to go through in my mind what I'm most thankful for and why. As I was doing that a few days ago, it came to me that there are ways to bring daily gratitude to my blog also.

Gratitude is:

“Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive”

(according to wikipedia)

Be Thankful for what you already have

The part of gratitude I need to work on most is being grateful & thankful for what I ALREADY HAVE instead of focusing on what I don't, or what I WANT (Pinterest is the devil!). I've mentioned this idea a little before with regard to blogging with what you have, but as a fashion/shopping blogger, I have to remind myself everyday that I have wonderful things; I don't need more. Of course, there's a fine balance between wearing old and adding in new things if you're also a personal style blogger (you take pictures of your outfits), but more often than not, I find myself wearing and posting things that are several years old and are still amazing and just adding in new accessories or one or two new pieces a month.

I love the idea that we, as fashion bloggers, don't have to encourage constant consumption. Too many of us focus on adding in new pieces as much as possible, and are always shopping, but taking time frequently to appreciate the things we already have can really have an impact on our readers (and the environment).

Appreciate other Bloggers

I don't read a lot of fashion blogs, but the ones I do constantly inspire me and sometimes give me ideas for posts. Whenever I'm remotely inspired by a blog I just read and incorporate into one of my own posts, I ALWAYS link back to the blogger with a quick mention. You don't HAVE to do that, but it just feels right to me, and lets the blogger know that I appreciate her role in my “inspiration” and exposes my readers to other blogs I love.

A lot of bloggers do link roundups one day a week, and this is also a good way to show your gratitude towards other bloggers. If something you read recently really resonated with you, link to it! It's more than just good practice, in my opinion, it's a nice thing to do…and won't go unnoticed.

You could also have a smaller blogger you love fill in for you while you're on vacation or guest post every once in a while. Please don't take advantage though, be sure and offer her something in exchange; either payment or posts on her blog.

Be Grateful for your Readers

Without our readers, where would we be? We certainly wouldn't be successful bloggers, but sometimes it's easy to forget our readers when we're busy working with advertisers, PR companies, affiliates, and writing posts. Get back in touch with them and show your readers you truly appreciate them by always replying to comments, or at least engaging with them in the comments section if there are too many to reply to one-by-one. This means a lot more to your readers than you might think – recall the last time you left a meaningful comment on a blog and how it felt when you either got a reply from the blogger or didn't. It probably made you feel appreciated when you got a reply – like you actually made some small impact.

Answering reader questions is also a great way to engage with your readers and let them know how grateful you are that they visit your blog. A lot of bloggers take email questions and post responses frequently, or you could do an open post and encourage readers to leave comments and ask questions of each other. Think outside the box!

What do you do to show gratitude on your blog?


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22 Responses

  1. Natasha

    I really like the part about answering readers comments! I think its really fun when someone has a question for me that I can answer!

  2. Nicola Teague

    Well said! It’s pretty tough for bloggers right now. Being honest is key. You know when it doesn’t feel right. A great blogger must listen to his or her’s instincts and not be swayed by what everybody else is doing. They must also realise the value in commitment. It’s like being a full-time single parent!

  3. Oh K

    I check out my commenters’ blogs and leave them a comment or answer them if they had a question. I think that I’m going to personally email my constant readers though. thanks for the inspiration!

  4. marie

    Wonderful post, always good to be reminded to concentrate of the half full glass when blogging. I try to answer all comments and visit the bloggers who have visited me, looking for a post that I am interested in reading to show an appreciation of their work too.

  5. Olivia

    Love these articles! How do you reply back to generic comments. For example, “love your jacket” “cute skirt”. Do we respond to every comment or to those who ask questions and make meaningful comments?

    [email protected]

    • Munachi

      I just started my blog recently, but whenever I get a generic comment I usually check out the commenter’s website and reply back with something along the lines of “Thanks for taking the time to comment. I got so-and-so item at so-and-so store. Here’s a link to so-and-so item if you’d like to purchase one for yourself.” But if you get many comments (relative to you and your blog of course) and there are generic comments, I think it’s okay to only respond to the meaningful and/or detailed ones.

  6. Miss City Chic

    I love this post! Sometimes you find yourself thinking about what you don’t have instead of focusing on the positives like the loyal people who follow your blog! this post definitely got me thinking 🙂

  7. Patti Cake

    This is so well said! I was just having a discussion with some fellow bloggers about bigger blogs that never comment back. Def. makes you feel under appreciated, and eventually even loose interest all together. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Frederica

    Hello Gretchen, this was definitely a great post, I am really inspired by what you do which in turn helps me to do what I do. All great bloggers need to stick together. I try to incorporate gratitude in my blog which is: Thank you for this post, as I am glad to be apart of the IFB Community!

  9. choolee

    “be thankful for the thing you already have” its like you are in my mind.
    i am so happy about the success i made in the last 6 month. never thought about such a result. i am so happy with the readers i have and all the attention i get. its crazy. blogging changed my life.
    maybe u guys will see my blog too 🙂 here is the link

  10. Onianwah

    Sometimes I forget but every time I view my site it comes swimming back to me how far I’ve come from being a blogging newbie. Showing gratitude for me is in the form of answering as many comments as I can, thanking people for visiting, providing answers and recommending sites to go to when I don’t know the answers. Like you said Where would we as bloggers and site editors be without them?’
    thank you for reminding us of how important gratitude is Grechen.

    Lagos, Nigeria

  11. Banx

    I totally agree that this is essential. On the other hand, many successful bloggers do not practice this and it gives a very poor impression to up and coming or ‘medium weight’ bloggers who tend to emulate this as they get bigger.

    In saying this, the bigger the blog, I guess the more incoming feedback etc and one surely cannot respond to all…

  12. Suzanne

    Beautiful post. I just blogged about this yesterday. The power of gratitude has changed my life. Even in tough times, having gratitude for the blessings in my life has made a huge difference in how I handle the struggles. Check out my post on the power of gratitude.


  13. Ashley

    Every week I write a “Things I Love” post (usually Thursdays but sometimes it leaks to Friday..) and it’s very much a wishlist or a bunch of fun articles I loved that week, but at the bottom, I always have a list of very personal achievements or things I loved that happened in my own life that week. I got the idea from Gala Darling, actually, as she writes a Things I Love Thursday post every week. Adding that little paragraph to the post, makes me keep track of all the small things that make me happy every day. It’s a great exercise.

  14. Glamourdaze

    The whole notion of Gratitude should be considered one of the pillars of success in any endeavor. It empowers you in so many ways. Being grateful in the basic sense of course – to those other bloggers who encourage and help you is tantamount, but the real ‘power’ of gratitude is in the ‘fuel’ it engenders in me when I work. It is the most positive of emotions and actually makes one work harder and more enthusiastically. It also creates a sense of expectation for even more positive results in ones work – so definitely – blog with gratitude!

  15. Sergio

    Muy poca es la gente que transmite su experiencia pidiendo nada o poco a cambio. En verdad, mis felicitaciones sinceras.

    Very few are the people who transmits his experience asking little or nothing in return. In truth, my sincere congratulations.

  16. Maria Von Losch

    I love this and am on the same train is you with gratitude. I include a “thought” of the day which falls under something spiritual which may correspond with my “mood” of the day which ties in my “outfit” of the day. My recent column on my blog is Shop My Closet 365 Days, that means NO shopping for a WHOLE year!
    If any of you are interested here’s the link:

  17. Milijana

    i agree, power of gratitude is enormous, we just sometimes forget about it and start with our ‘complaining’ way of life…goodreminder, I have to turn it into a habit….anyway like the idea about bloggers and consumer society, I was wanting to write about this for a while