IFB Project #109: Blogger’s Black & White Ball


While I've never been to an actual black and white ball (I'm not much the balling type) I've always loved the contrast of wearing black and white. It's simple, timeless and you really can't go wrong with the combination! What's more, is that most everyone can participate in a black and white party! You can be elegant, fun, crazy or even subtle with black and white. This street style photo by Vanessa Jackman, capturing both the opulence and elegance of the black and white palette, and below from Fabulous Muses, the fun you can have with the two most basic colors.


IFB Project #109: Share your favorite look in black & white

Got the hots for leather this season? Share it in a post! It can be an outfit post, a collage or a video, what ever best suits your posting fancy!


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10 Responses

  1. Patsy Marie

    OMG I’m so excited this is my favorite trend so far !!! It’s easy classy and yup very easy to do ….

    I will also be participating like ASAP


  2. Luz

    It took me using Internet Explorer to get this done, but finally my link is up! Yeeiiii!! 😀
    I’m loving this project!