10 Ways to Measure Your Blog’s Success

What is a “successful blog?”

Each person will give you a different answer. Everyone starts blogging for different reasons, and has different expectation of what they'll get from their experience. For some, defining what it is that gives you a gratifying experience of being “successful” gets tricky. Whether it's getting invites to fashion shows, getting flown around the world, or getting your first comment, everyone has their markers for what success means. I know personally, I'm super hard on myself, and am always pushing to do better. Finding those moments to reflect on everything that I've accomplished since I started blogging can take a little more conscious effort than it should. So, with that in mind, I'm sharing a list of things to look at so defining what that personal “success” means. Hopefully it'll encourage you as it has me.


This photo was taken from a sponsored international trip to see a fashion show, but it's not the only measure of success for my blog.

You are happy with your content

This is one of the most important measures of success… there is one thing that is more important than this, and we'll get to that later. What is the point of blogging if your content makes you miserable. While this may seem like a “duh” reason, believe it or not it is VERY easy to go down paths that take you away from what makes you happy. All those “freebies” come at a cost, favors, working with brands you don't like, pandering to an audience, there are lots of little things that can get you to a place you hate with your blog. A successful blog is where you're happy with what you write about, and bonus if others like it too!

You see consistent growth with your traffic

Traffic is not the be all and end all to success. However, it's a good measure that you're doing something right when you see growth. Perhaps your readers are spreading the word, your content is interesting and engaging, and it's resonating with others. Steady growth is an indicator you're on a good path.

Engagement is increasing

Engagement is a tough game these days, as it's getting more and more competitive, and people are engaging in different ways, ie on social media instead of commenting, or sharing, etc. Engagement can also mean click-throughs on your site. Perhaps tracking links or hosting contests to see just how engaged your audience is, and go from there!

You've made new friends

Ah, friends! It's one of the added bonuses from blogging that you may not expect, but can turn out to be the best thing ever. Establishing long-term friendships is one of the things that has kept me in this for so long. After all, community is what makes blogging so great.

You are making money with your blog

Money… like traffic, is not the be all and end all measure of success for your blog, but it does indicate a successful model that you can either live off of (which is great) or that you have developed a monetizable blog and it's working out well for you. Besides, tracking dollars is easier than measuring engagement!

Your readers love coming to your blog

You're getting genuine comments and emails from people saying that they really love your blog and or it's helped them in some way. Those emails always feel amazing, and if anything the most encouraging thing you can receive.

Your blog opens new opportunities

If you're sitting there thinking, “I would have never been able to do this if it weren't for my blog.” That's a measure of success. Whether you're seated front row at a fashion show, being flown on a trip around the world, or going to a store opening, press event or even interview someone very cool, there are all kinds of experiences and opportunities you can find with your blog.

Your blogging has pushed you to grow in unexpected ways

Before I started blogging, I was generally shy, afraid to ask for what I needed and didn't really think I had something interesting to say. Blogging had changed that for the most part. If your blog has pushed you out of your comfort zone and you have grown as a result, that is a measure of success. Do not discount this measure, it's an important one!

Your blog has met your personal goals

Setting goals is an important part of knowing you are on track to finding personal success. If you meet your goals, no matter how small, or or how big is certainly one of the easiest ways to determine the success of your blog.

Your blog makes you happy

Being happy with your blog IS the be all and end all measure of success. You can have all the money, traffic, popularity in the world, but if you're hating every moment of it, what is the point? Keeping track of your contentment with your blog will keep you way from feeling contempt for your blog. With every goal accomplished, with every post written, ask yourself, “Am I happy with this?” I cannot tell you how many times I've experienced external signs of success with ALL of my blogs that did not make me personally happy. Each time I had to take a step back an assess where things went wrong and try again. If you're not happy with your blog you're not successful with it, so even though it's at the end of this list, make it the first measure of success on your list.

How do you measure success on your blog?


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  1. Asia Mays

    What I appreciate about IFB is not only the business and tech ideals, but the inspiration given, especially when you are trying to re-brand and focus the creative space.

    Great article!

  2. Epp

    I absolutely agree with the point of being happy with the blog! I’ve always believer you should be the first fan of your blog because if you don’t love it, others can’t love it as well. Also I guess in this big fashion world we tend to go away from the track so our blogs can remind ourselves of who we truly are, they are like little indicators of the past. For me the one true “treasure” of blogging is when someone says sincerely they have been inspired by my blog! Inspiration is the key and what makes people come back 🙂 Instead of seeing numbers, we should try to see the amount of inspired people 🙂 great article!



  3. E-M

    I absolutely agree with the point of being happy with the blog! I’ve always believer you should be the first fan of your blog because if you don’t love it, others can’t love it as well. Also I guess in this big fashion world we tend to go away from the track so our blogs can remind ourselves of who we truly are, they are like little indicators of the past. For me the one true “treasure” of blogging is when someone says sincerely they have been inspired by my blog! Inspiration is the key and what makes people come back 🙂 Instead of seeing numbers, we should try to see the amount of inspired people 🙂 great article!



  4. MyBigAppleCity

    I might not blog everyday nor for a living but discovering new brands, new bloggers and loving my blog makes me happy.
    Reading IFB’s article also makes me happy. Your content always resonate and answer my questions. Thank you.

  5. Christine

    I think if your blog makes you happy would be the most important. Blogging has brought me together with so many inspirational friends in a way I could have never predicted! Great post x

  6. Onianwah

    The only things I haven’t used to measure my blog yet is ‘making money’ and ‘making new friends’ (as strange as that might be).
    I am so happy with it and everytime I get a mail or get recognised by people outside and asked questions courtesy of my blog, I feel a huge mushy lump within me which is filled with pride.

    I recently had a former colleague who thought I was a joker when I first started makeup and blogging say she was on my blog and replicated a look I did. It was as if the spotlight was on me and I was dancing for joy, lol.

    It makes me exceedingly happy that not only am I able to provide so much information but people actually consider the information valuable enough to come back again and again to read it.

    Lagos, Nigeria

    • Nancy

      This is awesome. I feel the same way. Knowing people like my content and find it useful is an amazing feeling.

  7. Oh K

    I think being happy with content is most important. You don’t feel insecure about what you post. Therefore, you want MORE people to see in and work hard to spread it around!

    It’s a postitive feedback loop 🙂


  8. Ashley "Ashe" Robison

    Jennine, I’m so glad you wrote this! As someone who others have called a successful blogger, I think a lot of these points share why I don’t always FEEL like one. It’s such an inspiring post, because it removes us from free swag, fashion week, working with brands, and gets at the core of what makes us *feel* like successful bloggers. It reminds us of the moments when we think, “Well, shit! I did something right.”

    Thank you for that reminder, dear!

  9. Jay

    Great tips!! I think the most important is to be happy with your content but the rest of them are also good parameters to measure success.

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Nancy

    Great post, and so relevant. I just went through my blog today and read some old posts. I realized that my content is content I would want to read myself, and that made me very happy. I do write sponored posts, but they’re based on my own opinions of products I love myself. My blog is successful to me in the ways I want it to be.

  11. Cate @ Wild Ruffle

    What I love about the blogging world is that success in it means something different to everyone doing it. And the measure of success in my own eyes has changed over the course of writing it. Great post!

  12. Vanessa

    I was really able to take something away from this post hence why I love heading over here to IFB. I think one of the best feelings I have about my blog is that it truly does make me happy and allows me to express my creative side outside of the corporate office environment where I work. I like how you included different measures of success because it truly depends on the individual and their personal goals.


    • Onianwah

      Too true Vanessa. I work in a corporate environment too and people always think I am weird when I say it can get boring and monotonous because it is in the creative industry. My blog is the only true creative outlet I have that breaks em free of that ‘stuck in a rut’ feeling I get sometimes.

      Lagos, Nigeria

  13. Aiko Miyoko

    Being happy with what you blog about is definitely a winner with me. Often too many times we are caught up with sponsorships, monetizing our content and so forth that we forget why we even started in the first place. I started a blog and then a YouTube channel and I didn’t know anything at all about monetizing. I just made videos and blog posts for fun. Even though my content was no where near where it is now both video and blog wise, I still keep them visible to my visitors and it sort of reminds me of how far I have come and how I should always stay grounded and do it because I love doing what I do. I think the measure of success is definitely happiness. Everything else that comes with it is a bonus for sure.

  14. Magen

    I love this article. Sometimes I get so obsessed about my stats and traffic numbers that I forget blogging is meant to be fun. This article helped me see beyond the numbers and measure my blog success in a different way!!!

  15. choolee

    beeing happy while blogging is the best goal you can reach. and i am so happy. i know that i am successfull becouse i feel pretty amazing while blogging 🙂 it doesent matter if you have just 400 followers (like me) or 4.000 .
    i love all my reader and i am so blessed that i had the energy and the courage to start blogging ♥


  16. Sam

    I like this article very much, because it states that success is whatever you define it yourself. Sometimes I do look at my traffic and think it’s not what I want it to be, but then when I open my mailbox I find an invite to a really cool fashion show and think I must be doing something right. And if it wasn’t for blogging I wouldn’t have gained the experience when it comes to photography, having professional interaction with PR companies and brands and networking with other fashion bloggers or people in the industry than I would have gotten otherwise.

  17. Sarah

    Thank you for this post. It helped reiterate why I started blogging in the first place. I’ve only just recently started a beauty, fashion, lifestyle blog and my aim since the beginning was to create a fun and inspiring ‘hangout’ to share my knowledge and experience and also learn from my readers. I feel being honest and genuine is key for a win-win situation. I may be missing out on making money for turning down offers of promoting things I wouldn’t personally use myself but I’d rather protect the integrity of my blog and share things with my audience that I genuinely believe in. Any time I’m out shopping and find a new item, I get excited to come home and do a review and tell everyone about it. It’s like telling your best friend…yet you reach out to so many friends 🙂 That keeps me motivated and it pays off in ways more important than just monetary matters.

  18. Wilnik

    What a post! Simple and goes str8 to my heart! This post gives me a boost to keep on going and love what i do!

  19. Nikki

    These are great elements to measure a blog’s success. Some bloggers I have come across never even mention any of the 10 ways you indicated, just money, advertisement, attending fashion week and throwing an event. While those can be great as well, I truly hope I maintain a firm grasp on my intentions and measures of success with Nikki Uncuffed. If I ever become blind-sighted, I will make sure to review this post.

  20. Shweghna Gursahaney

    Amazing post. Seems like you had fun while achieving all this (:


  21. Matthew Pike

    It’s certainly looking like I’m going in the right direction, I pretty much answered yes to all those questions. I taken on new writing opps, reporting opps, even went to a festival last weekend to be “press” with Urban Outfitters. Mostly, would I have got certain things and opps without my blog, no.

    I should just keep doing what I’m doing, because I love it.

  22. Lenore

    I appreciate so much for IFB’s blogging ideas. So many times I like to place emphasis on my products, but that is half the work. So happy and refreshing to look for blog writing tips!!! Anything to increase engagement!!!

  23. Anna

    This is an interesting idea. I’ve been gaining more comments and regular readers lately, and it’s much more rewarding than the people that stumble onto my blog and don’t interact at all. Also, I’ve been working on improving my photos, so that I can look at my blog with pride!


  24. Nádia Sepúlveda

    Awwwww, this post made my day! 😀 I am a successful blogger hahaha 😀

    Seriously, all the points spoken here are true, especially the happy part! And I could hardly be any happier with mine! 😀

    I also related a lot to that part about changing. I turned into a more sociable and strong person with my blogging. 4 years ago I wasn’t like this…and I thank my blog for many changes! 🙂

    My Fashion Insider

  25. Adela

    I set myself little goals. Growing my readership, traffic, comments etc. is definitely important. But I don’t expect to get massive amounts quickly. Even if it grows slowly but steadily that’s good 🙂
    Adela x


  26. The Glambition

    The success of my blog has been step by step. First see that traffic was growing, then realize that I was part of the fashion blogging community recognized in my country, now receive a proposal and work for a site specialized in fashion (and paid). There have been different succesful types, but have come from the effect of previous success.

  27. Na'

    Great post! I love the emphasis on content and community… i feel like people push for contests and sponsorships, but at the end of the day, we blog to share our passion!
    – Natalie

  28. Valentina

    Thank you for this entry, I’ve loved and agreed on all the points you listed. Not only because this may reflect the success of the blog but mostly because reflect how I feel when i blog.

    Your blog makes you happy: yes definetely and also all the friends virtual and not that I met.

    with love from Milan


  29. Jason Gendler

    You are extremely right; the measure of a blog’s success depends on your goals.
    If your goal is income, then traffic and conversions matter most.
    If you want to increase your status as an authority, then social share are enter.

  30. Paula

    Thank you! I’ve been blogging for a year, and I am passionate about my topic – which has nothing to do with fashion by the way. But I found your insight to be helpful and supportive – after a year it’s hard to know what success is. When I started I just wanted to write, there were no “goals” per se. My blog isn’t about making money, but I have had great heartfelt comments coming back, increased traffic, and most of all, I’m happy doing it – so those will be my markers for a helpful/successful sight. Thanks!