Are You a Blogger or Someone Who Has a Blog?


A passage from The Write Practice has been stuck in my head for months now.  There was a particularly strong portion that smacked me across the face, where it talked about writers, wanna-bes, and the fears standing in our ways.

If you’ve hung around the cyber-sphere enough you’ve noticed a difference between “people who have blogs” and “bloggers.”

The bloggers update diligently, comment on others’ posts, share information, and interact online.

The people who have blogs don’t. They show up every once in awhile and take it personally when no one comments on their journal entry.

Likewise, there are writers who are actively working on a piece they may or may not ever published.

And there are wanna-be writers who are filling their time with other activities, letting fear run their lives, and never allowing their ideas out of their heads.

If singers sing and dancers dance, then creatives should create and writers should write not just talk about it.

As a blogger, writer, and all around creative person, this really struck a nerve with me.  At what point am I a writer wannabe versus actually being a writerHow often am I am a blogger versus someone who has a blog

And more importantly–which do I want to be?

How often am I am a blogger versus someone who has a blog? And more importantly–which do I want to be?

I don't believe that one path is right and the other is wrong– both bloggers and people who blog have a space on the internet.  During my time blogging, I believe I've been both, and I stand now at a junction deciding which one I want to be.

Deciding that you will BE a blogger is dedicating a portion of your life consistently to blogging.  Choosing to be a blogger is partially what makes someone a professional blogger.  It's about dedication, focus, and consistency, whether you make money or not.

Having a blog means having the freedom to pick it up and drop it as you please.  It means that opportunities may come, and you may accept them, but you're not seeking them out as a fundamental part of your life and your site's life.

More than anything, I believe the difference between being a blogger and being someone who has a blog is a personal philosophical decision and choice.  While I evaluate my relationship with blogging, where I have come with it, how it has changed, and we've both grown (because when you blog for long enough, you WILL both grow!), it's important for me to keep this idea in mind as a guiding light in my blogging.

Do I want to be a blogger or someone who has a blog?

At the very least, it's a passage that lights a fire under me, inspires me and pushes me in my creative pursuits to make a conscious decision and a choice about where to direct my energy, my passion, and my enthusiasm.

Knowing that there is no right or wrong answer, where do you believe you fall? Have you made a conscious decision to be a blogger — or to be a person who has a blog, or felt torn between those two paths?  And have you noticed a progression from one side to the other during your time blogging?

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  1. Sage

    Wow, talk about food for thought! I’d consider myself a blogger, not a person who has a blog. From day 1 my blog Trendy Techie has been active and alive, and I treat it kind of like a pet that needs constant attention: if I feed it, train it, and love it, it will thrive.


  2. Stephanie (chocolate laced)

    I am a part time blogger. So, there will be periods when I just “have a blog” and I’ll post once in a very long while so my readers know I’m alive and not quitting. But, when time is within reach again, I become the blogger that I am at heart!

  3. Brunna

    I believe I started just as a person who has a blog. I knew that I wanted to grow and that i’ll grow if I stay long enough on the road. Every beginning is challenging and very hard. I consider myself a blogger now. In my free-time, i think about my blog and the things that needs to be done. That’s when you are a blogger. When even when you don’t need to blog you’re thinking about blogging, making it better and fighting to make it stand out.

  4. Soraya

    Good question, I guess following your article I would be both, a person who has a blog and a blogger. I do feel it is a journey, as a writer. I hear from bloggers that one should write at least 3/4 posts a week to be considered a true ‘blogger’… I see blog posts with one picture and one sentence added to it and think, sure I can write a post every day that way, but make a choice not to. What makes you a blogger? If I spend hours preparing, researching, doing interviews and write 2/3 times a week, am I not a blogger? Wonder what others think 🙂

    • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

      Regarding how often you post and whether that makes you a blogger… that’s entirely personal! I think consistency is key, but if you write one, long, thoughtful and well-researched post a month, I don’t think it makes you “less” of a blogger than someone who cranks out 3-4 a day.

      To me, it’s a small part of a whole as to what defines you as a blogger or not!

    • Ann

      I agree with Ashe. I think that quality with consistency would be better than quantity. I read recently on this post filled with tips about maintaining your blog ( that it’s better to have variety than one liner posts, and over posting can be just as unappealing as over. That’s too easy. Time and care will always shine through. Quality is key.

      A x

      • Hillary (Vintage Pixie in Denim)

        Ann I very much agree with you. I think it’s better to give your readers something quality to read maybe even once a month. That gives whatever readers you’ve got something to look forward to.

  5. Nikki

    Although extremely new to blogging I am definitely putting myself into the mind frame of being a ‘blogger’. I love to write and I love fashion so its fun to nourish my passion. But for those tough times when I feel like throwing my laptop (I have yet to experience), I will certainly refer to this post.

  6. Selina Austen

    As a new blogger, this article strikes something in me. It makes me realize that in order to be a blogger I need to stay dedicated and committed to my blog. I can’t just pick and choose when I want to blog.
    I guess you could say it’s a lifestyle choice.
    Thanks for the post!

  7. Grant

    Great thought piece! As a relatively new blogger, I am not sure I’m even ready to answer the question yet, I’m still experimenting with posts etc. I do know that I do want to use my blog professionally at some point. Posts like these help to give new bloggers perspective.

  8. Peach Black

    I treat my blog as a baby. I feel really bad if I couldn’t write something, but I don’t just write to write. I write when i have smth to say. I think that the main difference between these is that ppl who have a blog don’t feel conected with their blog as much as bloggers do. They don’t dedicate any special attention to it, whereas bloggers feel their blog is a part of them. Blogging to bloggers is as brushing teeth. You just feel the urge to do it, and ppl who just have a blog don’t feel any special responsability towards their blog. I know i sound like my blog is alive. But this is how i feel. If i don’t do a post per day i feel bad about it 🙂

  9. Anna Palaspas

    Dedication and commitment is key to being a blogger, indeed. Additional is that blogs you post should have content. I do admire those who really spends at least an hour or so a day queuing posts to publish so that no matter how busy they get, you can still expect updates from them. But for bloggers like me who lacks time as my day job demands more of my day, I just had to make a blog and be someone who just have a blog for the meantime. Hope you don’t judge 😉

    • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

      Anna, I work a full time day job too– it’s why I’ve personally bounced back and forth so much over the years!

      This place is judgment free – I really believe there’s space for both on the internet 🙂

  10. Sharan

    As a new blogger this article definetly made me think about the difference between a person that has a blog versus someone that blogs more frequently. Being new to the blogging world, its not always easy to make time for blogging especially with a full time job that takes priority versus my blogging job which sometimes ends up taking a backseat. The key (and I find this works for me) is to try to schedule your posts ahead of time, use lunch breaks at work and take pictures in advance. Although it might seem difficult, having a thought out schedule for the week makes life much easier!

  11. natalie famula

    I have just started my blog in the last month. I feel that I am a “person who has a blog” but I am finding my way towards becoming a “blogger”. The articles on here and similar sites really have been helpful along the way.

  12. Onianwah

    I am in-between too Ashe. Sometimes, especially when I don’t post for a while, I really do feel like just someone who has a blog. But in my general outlook, my thoughts and life as a whole, I am a blogger through and through. I am also growing into becoming a full fledged beauty writer by contributing to publications. It has been a journey but one that has been very well worth it.
    There are times I wish I knew what I know now when I started but still, I know everything worked the way it was supposed to and we have both grown beautifully together.

    Lagos, Nigeria

    • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

      That’s a great point, Onianwah! I’m definitely shifting over to “someone with a blog” as other projects and publications (still writing or blogging focused) become a higher priority to me!

  13. Aleksandra

    This is a topic I’ve been dwelling on for quite some time. I am a style blogger, which means that it’s not just the writing part I need to think (very often in advance) about, there’s taking photos, doing research, interviewing, keeping up with other blogs and media and interacting. This segment of blogging is pretty young in my country, Macedonia, and in the beginning I often found myself wondering whether I am a recreational or a serious blogger. I started my blog for myself, I felt the need to express myself and put it out there. I didn’t mind having few clicks a day, I just needed to post. Motivation (not inspiration or dedication) often depended on the interaction with fellow bloggers. Then the community grew bigger and that challenged me to buckle up and set a tempo, and of course, maintain a certain level of quality. But as time goes by, you’re not posting just for yourself. Like any other creative work, once you’ve put yourself out there you have a commitment to your readers and your peers. That’s the deal breaker. You either go on blogging as a past time, keeping up with some sort of a trend or when you feel like saying something, or you take it seriously and keep up with a certain frame. Regular posting is a relative matter, it might be daily, weekly, every 3 days… whatever you think works for you, but you have to deliver. Readers, no matter how many of them, expect that from you. I don’t think one should post for posting sake, but should think in advance and inform her/his readers that there might be a break or something. I consider myself a serious blogger, I love blogging and feel it as a part of who I am now. I have a day job as a translator and I created a frame that suits my time, plans and needs. No judging on the hobbyists out there, but be sincere with yourself and your readers.

  14. Marie

    I have fallen into the place of someone who has a blog a few times over the years I have been a blogger (such a semantically loaded sentence). Usually it was times of stress or life change. Great definition to think about!

  15. Serena

    Wow, what a great post, it really did make me think. I do want to be a Blogger rather the someone who has a Blog.I currently think that I am a person that blog but I just wish I had more time to be a blogger. My full time job just gets in the way. Thanks to this post and some of the comments, I can see where the I need to make more of an effort to become a blogger.

  16. Sora

    This was a really interesting read! I admit I am a person who has a blog though 😛 I’ve been consistently blogging for years but in a private way on LiveJournal, and I think that’s pretty different than actually having a public blog. It is very extremely different, actually.

    Right now, I don’t feel like investing on my blog a lot. I think it isn’t on my “top 5 priorities” at the moment, but yes I do think it could help me in the future.

    Thanks for the great post!

  17. CynthiaCM

    I feel like I’m a bit of both. I write constantly – updates go up at least three times a week – but I rarely get comments! I know people are stopping by, but are they really? I probably don’t write about what people EXPECT bloggers to post as much as others, but truth be told, I write what I feel. If no one really wants to read about lack of petite fits (that aren’t outfit posts) or restaurant reviews, posts about Toronto galas, etc… then that’s their problem, not mine.

  18. Shayne

    I’m someone who has a blog. But, I don’t get offend when someone doesn’t comment on my “journal entry.” (I’ve read this post four times trying to figure out if you meant to be condescending or if I’m just reading it that way. I’m not sure how else to read that sentence).

    I’ve had a blog for over two years now. At first, I was diligent. I updated everyday, sometimes more than once a day. Then my situation changed. I graduated law school. Got a big girl job. My priorities changed.

    Over the last few months I’ve only posted a few times. My traffic and comments are down (which is to be expected). Now, my blog serves as a writing outlet for me. I enjoy expressing myself in different ways. For now, this suits me.

    • Ashley "Ashe" Robison

      Shayne, the portion you’re mentioning about “journal entry” is within the quote from The Write Practice’s post – so please don’t think I’m being condescending, as it’s from their post (as you’ll see from the link to the post)!

  19. Maggie A

    This was definitely a very powerful article. I definitely started some sparks in me. Thank You for posting this. It was deifnitely the push I needed to revisit the passion I started my blog with.

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

  20. Kimberly Ann

    This is such a great post! I actually think about this a lot. I feel like I consider myself a blogger but I find myself hesitant to FULLY leap into it out of fear of failing in some sense. I’ve definitely been progressing to blogger since I began – and this article lights a spark!


  21. Fallon of Sage and Sparkle

    Great question, one that really makes you think! I absolutely consider myself a blogger (now)! About 5 years ago a started blogging and at that time I went back and forth between someone who was a blogger ad someone who had a blog and at that time, it was okay. I loved it just the same. Eventually I became a full time person who had a blog which then turned in to less frequent post until it stopped all together. It took almost two years of deciding what I wanted to put out there which brings me to where I am now… with Sage & Sparkle (just started a few months ago) and I am more confidently a blogger now! I love it and because I love it, it has thrived. Of course, I wish I could get my readership up, but that will come with time, and the most important difference now, is I feel like that time, my blog could really be sometime. Only time will tell….

  22. Rebecca for

    Such a great article. When I first started blogging I was afraid of giving it my all because I was scared what people would think and so on. At some point though I decided that it had to be all or nothing. People who are scared about what other people think will never be successful in what they do!

  23. Style Context

    Great food for thought. I think the difference comes down to whether you are blogging for yourself or an audience. Also, whether you consider your blog a professional project (is it listed on your resume?). In this regard, I would consider myself a blogger.

  24. Saša

    I consider myself blogger, because I spend most of my time thinking about my blog, what to post, what is hot, what is not, what I like, what I would like to share. Hope that it will stay the same, now that the school year is comming closer!

  25. Ambit

    I most definitely started off as someone who has a blog. Didn’t really realize what it takes to blog. In late January I shifted towards being a Blogger, but only now I’ve started to grasp what it takes and am aware of being on a path towards becoming a proper blogger. I hope to be that someday and as a goal-oriented person hope my blog actually will give content people want to read, but it remains to be seen if I’m going to be successful in doing so.

  26. Ashley

    Although sometimes my health keeps me from keeping a regular schedule, I definitely consider myself a blogger. Blogging is not just a hobby to me. It’s a gateway into a different life for me.

  27. Shweghna Gursahaney

    The post is really inspiring.
    I personally feel you should be passionate about your blog otherwise the blog will end up as a waste.

  28. Tamz

    Anyone can be a blogger. It’s when you are a “professional blogger” that makes the difference.

  29. Ann

    Wow! This definitely hits a cord, and it’s a question I think I am now facing. I’ve been blogging on two blogs–one professional and one personal since 2006. I want to be a blogger and not a person with a blog. It’s really hard though. During the day I’m an educator. And from experience I know that writing and writers crave an audience. When you don’t have the audience, it’s hard to keep at it–even for a student.

    This isn’t a call out or a poor me to read my blog(s) (my other one is, but more perhaps on a question on how to increase your audience. I’ve been pondering this for a bit now as I’m seriously dedicating myself to posts. Finding readership is definitely hard, and I think THAT is what will push a person blogging into a blogger.

    Thanks for this post. As I said I’ve been researching this (I am a librarian by day after all!), and I’m finding that I need to be more active (like posting right now!) in order to JOIN the community.

    Thanks Ashe!


  30. Stephanie (Glam Slam!)

    Well, said! Well said! This is very thought provoking and very wise. Really makes me think at the direction I want to take my blog and make me realize just how truly passionate I am about my blog and being part of the blogging community. Such an important part of “being a blogger” is interacting with the community, staying consistent w/ how often you blog, etc.

    I definitley have some thinking to do after reading this! Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m sure this will make a lot of people truly think hard about which one they are – a blogger or “some who has a blog”.

    xo, Stephanie

  31. Leslie

    I consider myself a blogger because I want to help people and, well, I do that through my blog. 🙂

  32. Borgy Angeles

    Very inspiring! IFB helped me a lot!

  33. Jowhara - Jo3e

    Wow I’d been battling the same thoughts in my head for some time now, and this put things into a little more perspective for me. I’m at the phase where I’m a wannabe writer, yes, I said it, I am a little afraid to put my thoughts out there. But at the same time I’m taking steps to actually doing so.

    Thank you so much for your thoughts !

  34. Ella

    I started a blogging consultation business just for this reason. Some bloggers get overwhelmed with writing so much, when to write, and what to write. You are right. Blogging is much more than just writing a post. Anyone can have a blog.

  35. Margareta Vania [김환혜]

    yeah i think me too..i just started to be ‘someone who has a blog’ but i realize that i can be creative with it and share the information to public about how the fashion is going to be in my own country..every country has different feeling about fashion right? but thankyou for share this article, it’s inspiring and making me want to make my blog even get better in the future…

  36. sadie d.

    i definitely am a person who has a blog, but that doesn’t mean i’m less into it than someone who calls him/herself a blogger.. from the first day i started my blog i was running it as my first and most important inspirational source and a few years on i’m still doing the same thing. it doesn’t matter to me if i have a lot of comments or not, i actually appreciate more one constructive and honest comment among ten others who say ‘love it’, ‘beautiful’, ‘love your blog’, not really meaning it but writing it just to drop down their link. this is the same reason why i don’t leave such comments myself, only when i truly find something interesting and inspirational. i know that all of this is exactly the reason why i’ll never be ‘a blogger’, just someone who has a blog.. but i don’t mind it at all, because the whole (fashion) blogger comunity turned into something that doesn’t have anything to do anymore with the most important thing blogs should be there for – inspiration.

  37. Kara

    I have definitely become just someone who has a blog. I started off as being a blogger; seeking out events to attend and cover, browsing new blogs constantly. I noticed once I got a full-time job in December, my blogging efforts came to a halt.

    I’m definitely trying hard to come back to being a blogger, but life has a funny way of dictating my time. I’m planning on making September my comeback.

  38. Issie Munyabarenzi

    Wow, that really made me stop and think. I think at heart i am a blogger and when i have time i am a blogger but there have been times in the short time my blog has been alive that i have found myself becoming a person with a blog. but it really cant be helped when real life starts to interfere. I am hoping i will continue being a blogger instead of a person with a blog though like you say there is nothing wrong with being either.

    Issie xox

  39. Sheryl Blasnik

    Hard question to answer. Do I dig deep down into my sole to find the answer or do I dig deep into my Google Analytics to find the answer? My Quantcast and Alexa rankings say NO but the passion in my gut says YES – I am a Blogger. Now to make the two match each other.

    Sheryl B

  40. Adela

    I definitely wanna be a blogger. Blogging makes me happy. I’ve been working hard on the blog this year and its growing slowly but steadily and I have big plans for the future 🙂
    Adela x

  41. The Glambition

    The key to being blogger is consistency. I posted that one can not every week, but always willing to investigate, classify and select information to share in the future. I can last for months I select data for a single post. Bloggers earn recognition over time without agreements “followback”. People find good content and client loyalty readers.

  42. Sascha

    I don’t know, honestly. I absolutely love blogging – I update every two days, comment on other blogs I love and have met friends and gotten work opportunities through blogging. Still, I would consider myself a “journalist and copywriter that has a blog” rather than “a blogger”.

    I don’t want my blog to be a “business” – it’s my diary and I want it to stay a personal and unbiased space, not something to fill up with ads and links to make money. Don’t get me wrong – it’s nice to get free gifts and be invited to things. But I am very fond of the fact that I have a full-time job doing something I love (writing) that isn’t my blog. I love writing for different publications and clients and I’d never want to be a full-time blogger with my blog as my only job. I don’t think ALL bloggers (or “people that have a blog”) aspire to this.

    I spend time and effort on my blog because I love it, not because I want it to become my “big break”. I love being a writer and editor and I think that’s very much who I am professionally, with blogging as a hobby. So, in conclusion: I am someone who has a blog – and that’s the way I want it to be!

    I am starting an online magazine soon and “online magazine editor that has a blog” – now that’s a role I’m comfortable with!

  43. Taiwo

    I am just two days to the world of blogging and have posted 6 posts with 2 different topics. I intend to be a blogger with atleast a post a day.

  44. Alexis Crawford

    I’m sort of a mixture of both. I try to stay active within blogging communities (commenting on posts, staying up to date on my blog reading, being active in FB groups and IFB… ect.) But i don’t really feel like a “blogger”
    It might just be a mental hang up though! haha!

  45. Nasreen

    This is so interesting. I think I fall between both. I’m a blogger who posts consistently, I’m always reading fashion articles, going on bloglovin to see new and recent posts. BUT I don’t make money off my blog so sometimes because of my life outside the internet, I don’t post that much and fall out of the ‘blogger world’ and then I guess I become “a person who has a blog”.

  46. Art Becomes You

    This post actually made me go, whoa, I so used to be ‘that person who has a blog.’
    Blogging is a mindset, if you are depressed or stressed in your personal life, it will reflect on your blog.
    One way I’ve taught myself to be consistent is introduce several weekly or constant segments on your blog, that way you’ll be updating more regularly than you’re used to.
    Thanks for this post. Hopefully i get to finish my book !

  47. debiparna chakraborty

    i think i had every intention to be a blogger. and that i have evolved from that 1st post from being a person with a blog to becoming a happy blogger. i have taken up blog projects/events over personal events as I felt my blog has helped me grow in a way that is helpful professionally.

  48. Stella Kashmoney

    Food for thought. I started off as a Blogger but I am not someone who has a blog due to circumstances beyond my control. Plan to go back to being a blogger soon.

  49. Gisela&Zoe

    great article to meditate on. i’m definitely a person with a blog but whom wants to be a blogger. i dream of being consistent and on a roll. it is a goal in which without intentionality i will never reach it. and i also find myself contemplating way to much what my blog should be about!

  50. Emily Jayne

    I endeavour to be a blogger, but I know that every so often I fall into the someone with a blog category – This is definitely food for thought!

  51. Mariah

    I feel like I’m straddling the line between someone who has a blog and a blogger. I don’t always consistently post, but I feel like I’m pretty active in the blogosphere when I am consistently posting. I kind of like straddling the line. It gives me the freedom to leave the blog whenever I get busy, but the potential to make some side income doing it. I’ve made a couple friends in the past year through blogging, and I would miss blogging if I permanently gave it up. I like where I am, and I don’t think I’ll come to that juncture of choosing one side anytime soon.